Breast Augmentation Los Angeles – Way to Attractive Body

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Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty, is enlargement of a woman’s breast through implants placement. There are several reasons for a woman to undergo breast augmentation that includes

  • Small breasts

  • Loss of volume and sagging from pregnancy and breast feeding

  • Asymmetrical or uneven breasts

  • Loss of breast volume because of weight loss

  • Loss of breast tissue because of aging

The saline breast implant, having an exterior sac filled with a sterile saline solution, is the most commonly used implant in breast augmentation Los Angeles. In this type of implant, if there’s a leak the saline gets absorbed by the body and has a very low infection rate. As it is filled with fluid after being inserted into the breast, the surgeon needs to make a very small incision to insert it. Silicone breast implants are filled with a silicone gel. Some people believe that these implants feel more like a natural breast.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon may achieve breast implant placement by four ways. The peri-areolar incision is made like a half-cycle at areola’s outer edge. Peri-areolar incision grants the plastic surgeon access for precise placement of implant and provides better control of bleeding during surgery and reduces the risk of scarring. The trans-axiliary incision places the incision in the armpit. The inflammatory fold incision is done near the under-breast fold, giving the plastic surgeon good control in implant positioning. The trans-umbilical incision is a 1-2 inch at the edge of the belly button making precise placement more difficult.

Your Los Angeles surgeon should also discuss method of implant placement to be used in breast augmentation, either sub-pectoral or sub-glandular. In sub-pectoral placement, the implant positioned under the pectoral is major muscle directly above the rib cage and creates a tear drop breast shape. In subglandular placement, the implant’s placed above the chest muscle below the mammary gland.

As breast augmentation is a major surgery, you should choose a board-certified surgeon and who has performed the procedure many times.  The decision to undergo the procedure is personal one and the patient has to decide if it will give desired results and the risks and potential complications are acceptable or not.

Mammoplasty may not correctly severely drooping breasts. If the patient wants the breasts to look fuller and lifted, a breast-lift may be required together with breast augmentation. Breast lift may be done at the same time as augmentation or it may require a separate operation.


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