How to Balance Professional & Personal Life.

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In today’s society, we’re constantly reminded of the importance of learning to balance life and work. Most of us grew up believing that true success included a high-powered and high-paying career, a wonderful and loving relationship, perfect, adorable children, a big beautiful house, expensive possessions, spiritual enlightenment, and utter and complete happiness.

How many of us live this life? How many of us even come close? Unfortunately, all that hype set us up for a big fall. This life is a fantasy. It’s impossible to “balance” all of these things at the same time. For most people, simply balancing their home life with their job is very difficult. This is why the notion of “balancing” is rather unhealthy.

In order to literally balance life and work, one would have to be equally important to the other, and equal time would be given to both. Does this sound realistic? Fulfilling? For most people, the answer is no. We invest our hearts and souls in our relationships…few jobs are that important.

Throwing Off the Balance

For most truly happy people, the balance between their home life and their job is not a balance at all. It is a series of choices, with priority given to those things they feel are the most important.

To begin making this change, we need to evaluate what’s truly important to us. This is different for every person. Perhaps you want to make your relationship the best it can be while being the best parent you can be. Maybe you want to climb the ladder of success at your job while raising your children well. Or you might want to focus on succeeding at work while connecting to your Higher Power.

Whatever your decision might be, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll probably pare down your mountain of “wants” to a very small number of “needs.”

These needs are what you need to focus on in order to live a happily unbalanced life. If you value your children and your relationship, then you’ll be happy if they’re happy, no matter what your work situation. This is true in every different instance. If the important things are well taken care of, the rest of your life suddenly seems to fall into place.

A Surprising Peace

Once you’ve made these decisions, and put them into action, you’ll probably notice that you feel more at peace than you have in years. After all, the important things are just that: important. Everything else comes later.

This way of thinking is beneficial to everybody involved. Your partner will be thrilled once he sees you devoting more time to couples activities, instead of driving yourself crazy over minor work details. Your children will be so happy to have their parents an active part of their lives, instead of just somebody who hands them their lunch before rushing off to work in the morning.

These changes might be hard at first, but as soon as you see the great results in your life, you’ll understand why trying to literally balance life and work is simply not sensible!


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