Character Assassination

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Character Assassination

creation: Barata

WITHOUT know the end of the base, Suro Bodong attacked by two armed young men whip. Suro bulging writhing in pain. Him body arched forward when one of the whip on his waist. Long-sleeved red shirt torn at the waist, barbed end of the whip with a waist of skin scraping sadistic. Not a bruise that makes Suro wince pain, but it scratches sharp thorns that tore the skin until it bled a few lines.
Suro Bodong deliberately silent, feeling the pain very sore around his waist. He fell out with both hands had rested on the ground, holding his weight large but not fat. His legs hung limp due to in pain.

“It’s time you receive my reply, Kunyuk(ugly monkey)! 

Hiaaat …! “Young man who only cracked the whip roped two. Both ends of the rod like a given nail or a very sharp iron rod pierced both Suro shoulder. Whip was immediately drawn in one jerk.

“Death you …!”

“Aaakhh …!” Suro did not shout, but scream with the voice. His head looked up because the pain of two iron spears pierced his shoulder, which then when the lead is pulled all the skin was torn shoulder. No wonder if the blood flowed from the wound.
“beat up him …!” Said the young man who wore a blue vest and carrying a single whip, but the barbed ends of the rope whip a lot.

“I wanted to beat him in public,” said the young man wearing yellow pants and white shirt. He holds a whip with two straps, each of which end of the rope whip given by a sharp metal spike.

“You’d better tie him, Rahuto … and drag it to the front Kadipaten(Duchy)!”

“Yes, yes … I would agree your suggestion, Wijaya.” Suro Bodong trying to stand up with a groan of pain. But as soon kick your right leg back Wijaya, Suro hard. In one snap just fell down with Suro already face kiss the ground.

“Aaakh … Aauuhh …!” Suro Bodong moaned and kept trying to wake up. Apparently this time and Wijaya Rahuto Bodong Surolet stand. Suro breath panting and staggering body that makes Wijaya laughed in delight, while Rahuto crinkle-eyed smile just cynical.

“Now you do not have a chance to run away, Satan!
You’re dealing with us, Wijaya and Rahuto, instead of dealing with people with a weak stomach as good as your own …. you slay the wicked! “Furious Rahuto while moving his whip.
Suro Bodong hand pointing to a staggering body balance.
“Who are you guys …. guys…. guys, huh ….?” Rahuto crack his whip. “Taar…!” Hand Suro Bodong ward and subjected to the whip.

“Aaoohh …!” Suro Bodong winced in pain. Skin scraping his hands bleed from sharp thorns. He hastens to his right hand clutched it with the breath of the panting, trying to fight pain.

“You ….. you guys who?! Why are hostile to me …? “Cried Suro Bodong with intermittent standing position would fall, swayed here and there.

“We, the Duchy of Kidang Kencana(Golden Deer), you messed up during this, you know?” Snapped Wijaya. “We are tasked to hunt you, Suro Bodong! Hunted to be killed in front of the people of Kadipaten (the Duchy of) Kidang Kencana(Golden Deer), so that they are satisfied wreak revenge on you!” Growled Wijaya.
“Who’s that Golden deer ….? Oh, I do not know! I just know…..hemm….who is…?”

Suro Bodong talk without a purpose. Establishment is still unsteady. This is all due to him in a drunken state. It’s damned if Suro in a drunken state. Any food or drinks that make drunk would be a disaster for him. Suro could not use his expertise, his knowledge of science, if in a drunken state. He became weak, though he had no desire to use tactics to fight the enemy flag ship. He will always fail, as if losing all of his knowledge and be a total fool.

“Hey … if you want to fight me …. resist yourself first. That is just one hero, he, he, he …! Ratna Prawesti never said that to me …! ” Suro talked out of turn. It made more forcefully Wijaya.
Then, his left hand holding the whip does not hit the face with a hard Suro.
“Heit …!” Suro fend, force yourself to use the martial arts. However, that fend wag in the space, so that the blow was struck on the cheek Suro Wijaya hard.


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