Cell Phone And Students

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Now a days a lot of little kids with 4 and 5 years are operating cell very well. This modern age kids having a lot of grasping power and observe all the things from their parents, but this little age is not good for operating cells. Also the rays come from the cell phone is not good for children’s brain, so we must keep our cell phone far away from our kids reach. 

Also cell phone is not good for the students who are entering the teen age, they may use it for some unwanted purposes like taking photos, sending un wanted MMS and so on. We must avoid giving cell phone to our teen age kid. Children are capable to use the cell phone after finishing their school studies. Until then don’t encourage or give your cell phone to them. Cell phone will surely divert their concentration and they will distract from their studies, so cell phone is not good for school students. 

Cell phone is not very essential thing to the students, most of the students misusing their cell phone and diverting their concentration with it. If the student want to contact their parents they have the ability to contact them using the public phones. Lot of public phones are available in every street, so cell is not very important to students and if parent are interested in giving cell to their school going children, they will give a normal cell phone to them for communication and avoid providing the smart phones to them. 

By using the smart phone they will access the internet and spend lot of time with chatting and downloading activities, as well as they will take unwanted photos and sending MMS and upload them to various sites, this kind of activities are quite common with lot of students and they are spoiling their education and life with this kind of activities. 

I have 2 little kids and i am not interested in giving cell phones to them in their school days, i planned to give cell to them after getting maturity as well as they are studying in the college. Most of the school students are spoiled with the cell activity, so it is not good to give cell phone to school going students. Do you agree with me?


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