The Balance Sheet of Barack Obama

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2012 is election year in the USA. This arguably the most important election in the world which will elect the CEO of the most important power in the world. This election will also decide the fate of Barack Obama., the incumbent president of the USA. he will be fighting for his second term  as the US president  and his last as per the senate amendment passed in 1948.

Obama is now seeking re-election and at this time it is worth examining as to what he has achieved. But not with standing this the color of Obama’s skin will  have a bearing on this election. There are many in the USA who cannot even now countenance  the fact that a colored is the Chief Executive of the USA.

One fact that cannot also be overlooked is that Obama worked under severe constraints.  he in real terms was  saddled by the sins of the past 8 presidents of the USA led by Gerald Ford who launched the USA into wars abroad by engineering the Tomkin Gulf incident. The USA has thus been fighting wars thousands of miles from home and this has severely  depleted the economy. As we say the birds have come home to roost and the USA economy is now creaking with a trillion dollar deficit.  Not only this the communist state of China hold a big part of this US debt and that can be a chilling thought.

Obama has tried to backtrack from these war policies. he has withdrawn US troops from Iraq after a Pyrrhic victory, that drained the US economy of billions of dollars. He is also on the right track  in his dealings with Pakistan and Israel. He has realized that the source of all troubles in Israel is its belligerence and has down scaled his support for that nation. But his opponents have labelled it as anti-Jewish.  Obama is thus walking a tight rope but his policies have the right tint. But obviously the results will only be perceived after a decade.

The biggest challenge to Obama is the US economy.   During his  rule some big guns in the corporate  field like GM collapsed and had to be bailed out with tax payers money. The economy is creaking and Obama is on a leash. It does not help that Congress is controlled by his opponents who veto most of his policies.  The fact is the US  overspent and bank rolled repressive military dictatorships from Egypt to Pakistan. he has tried to change , but though not a success, he is on the right track.

The US does not have a better option than Obama. His defeat may well spell the end of US dominance with the next man undoing all the good that Obama has started. I for one would vote  for a second term for Obama.


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