The Enigma of Sachin Tendulkar

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 Two decades is a long time in test cricket. During this period one Indian player has continued playing despite the fact that on overseas tours even with him in the team, the Indian team  came a cropper. He is Sachin Tendulkar the holy cow of Indian cricket.  He has 51 test centuries to his name and yet continues playing. The only motivation for him is his personal land marks, victory for India be dammed.

Watching the man play overseas on the last 2 tours to England and Australia, one realized that the man is past his best.  He is a shadow of the player of yore and despite him being in the team India established a world record of 8 consecutive defeats on overseas soil. Something which no team has suffered in the history of test cricket  since 1877.

 Imran Khan who has a name for himself in world cricket has opined that Sachin Tendulkar should have retired after the last world cup. This would have been a high for him and he could have gone in a blaze of glory. But Sachin continued playing and we have the sorry spectacle of him being caught in the slips as his reflexes have slowed. Mind you he may still hit a century, but that will not apply a balm on the hurt of defeats galore. 

People I have met have opined that a victory is more important than a century. I agree with these men and do feel that the ultimate glory  for a nation is winning, individual records have no meaning when a nation wins. The Indian masses want to see India winning and that calls for a new revamped selection panel and team. Too long the present selection committee has pandered to the whims and fancies of the so called ‘stalwarts’, who in sum saw India going without winning overseas for 2 decades. How many know that India never won a series in Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in the last 2 decades. That is not a healthy sign.

it is about time that a new selection panel that is not beholden or in awe of the stalwarts is formed and along with a few old timers Sachin is also quietly told to go home and relax.


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