Content For Seo Expert ,white Hat vs Black Hat

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There are two different ways for optimization our website black hat and white hat this is the technique we use for optimization of web page of search engine to website seo specialist for improving the search engine result page rankings of web sites and also we use in the video search and image search. White hat seo is also known as positive and ethical seo techniques, while others are risky and white hat and black hat seo are both techniques are very useful for us. Different seo companies use one or both of these strategies to improving of optimization for success. Seo companies are safe, non-manipulative techniques White Hat seo use this method, And the other less reputable methods are referred to as Black Hat techniques. We use for white hat seo include optimizing META tags, putting keywords in URLs, submitting sites to directories, making sitemaps, obtaining links on related sites, and creating keyword-optimized content are basically use for white hat seo. These types of techniques help search engines locate relevant pages people are looking for which type of site. Search engines use the technique and algorithm and methods through services like Google Webmaster Tools for find particular web page. And the other hand, Black Hat SEO includes efforts like redirecting search engine “spiders” to different pages than  users see, mass-posting “spam” comments on blogs, forums, articles, or putting lists of keywords at the end of each page in very small fonts. This type of methods may actually reduce the quality of search engine results.
Many people are believed that these methods are good for Google, and bad for seo expert. Both methods are popular in seo field by defining optimization as “white” or “black”, search engine gains an opportunity to influence the popular of seo in its favor, where otherwise it would not have such an opportunity. To describe the two SEO methodologies the terms “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO were coined. The while black hat seo techniques might have some short term positive effect, the long term implications can be disastrous for your website and in turn your business.
For when we first started looking at seo as a separate entity to website build there was one the most important thing which is  we would continually use in our website, that is “content”, and it’s true it is most important part of our website. There is nothing more valuable you can do to optimize your site for search engines than offer unique well written content. Search engines like Google aim is to serve up what it believes to be the most appropriate website for any given search to the end user. Imagine we are the end user and we are searching for hotels in India. We go to our favorite search engine and search for the phrase “hotels in India”. In this imaginary scenario let’s assume there are many websites that target that phrase, White Hat SEO methods, if done properly, can actually find the best long-term outcome and create a greater impact on the web in general. And the other Black Hat techniques have fallen into disuse after search engines successfully developed ways to detect them.



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