Noynoy And Grace Lee (…just Using Each Other?)

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Noynoy suddenly turns very vocal about his love life. The President who used to be tight-lipped about his private life has spoken about the latest on his love life. He confirmed that he and Grace Lee are seeing each other.

Grace Lee looks like a good catch for she is beautiful, smart and young. And it looks like Grace Lee likes the President. In an interview, Grace Lee says “ I don’t think I’m gonna  waste my time  spending hours  of my day trying to know a man if I was not interested at all.”  She even said, “ He is a wonderful person…..he is brilliant, if not the most intelligent man I’ve ever  met in my life.”

Many are happy to know the President is likely to have a new love of her life once again. But just as many have positive reactions there are also those who reacted negatively saying these things:

1)  “ Noynoy is not the type who really wants to marry. If he is, then why at 51 he is still single”Grace Lee will only be just another Shalani in his life”.

2). There is  something wrong with a man who is already at 50’s and still single so Grace Lee should think wisely before committing herself to him  lest she regret this for the rest of her life.”

3) “Could this be because he wants the world to know he is not lonely and blue even if his ex Shalani Soledad has settled with the new love of her own? He must be just using Grace Lee to boost his ego.”

4) “ Grace Lee will only use the President for her own favor. She is a Korean working in the Philippines and having the very President of the Philippines as her stronghold then she is the most secured person ever.”

5) “Grace Lee is just overwhelmed by the big attention she is now getting. She can’t be truly in love with Noynoy. She is too young for him.. she must be just blinded by the President’s position”

6) Very unlikely  pair!.  They  look like a father and daughter loveteam.”

Reactions differ here and there but whatever the reactions of the people around, it is Noynoy and Grace ‘s life so we might just as well leave them alone.  All is fair in love and in war so if they really are in love,. then let them be happy. Now if the love isn’t really true and for some other reasons then they are accountable to whatever consequences.  Meanwhile, let us just wish them all the best.


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