5 Exercise Mistakes

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Way of exercising that actually make us fit and healthy.

63425_56569720_2.jpg To improve weight loss programs, we have to do regular exercise. Without regular exercise, fat burning will not be perfect.

But not just any exercise, we need to find a method of physical exercise that is right for a pile of fats in the body. And Simon Anderson, director of Vision Personal Training in Double Bay, Australia, providing guidance to us in order to maximize the benefits of exercise without feeling frustrated.

Anderson made ​​the guide of a personal training experience for approximately 16 years.

A.Doing too much movement with a short duration: If we are people who just start the sport, the spirit may be raging, but remember that your body needs time to catch our motivation. Even modest exercise such as walking alone, is recommended for beginners only for 30 minutes to 1 hour, a distance of 5 indirect Km.Kuncinya is slowly and surely. So be sensitive to the reactions of the body. If the body feels in need of new challenges, raise the level of sport. That way the sport will be a challenging activity.

2.Choosing the wrong sport: For this one point, we need the help of personal training. They will understand which muscles should be established beforehand to accomplish the purpose we exercise.

3.Focus on one muscle part: If we want to flatten the stomach then do sit-ups as much as possible. This is the wrong guide. Because after all, our muscles are in a network when the formed sempurna.Jadi require movement when forming the abdominal muscles, do not forget the back muscles, hips and sides. This not only makes the process run more quickly flatten the stomach but also make us more perfect posture.

4.The program does not vary: the monotonous routine would only weaken the motivation plus lead us away from the target to be achieved. Ask the personal trainer to advise what is the appropriate combination of sport for us.

5.Sport and overeating: Anderson admits, he often met with people who desperately burn fat at the gym but do not ever want to change their eating patterns. Consider, after a successful burn 400 calories on the treadmill, out of the gym we will be sitting in front of the cafe with foods berlemak.Apakah so, we must not exercise after eating? It’s also the wrong idea. We just need to choose the right foods. Oats with orange juice or yogurt are examples of healthy choices. (Siagian Priska)


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