Best Diet Tips to Use.

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Everyone loves to loose a few pounds, most of us find it very hard. Holidays and parties cause most of us to over eat.  Try using some easy tips to help curb your appetite and you will see the pounds fall off. Just with a few easy tips to add to your eating habits will allow you to loose those extra pounds you have been wanting to get off.  Slow and steady is the best way to diet.

Just by adding a few extra steps before having a meal can save you from over eating.  Every meal should start out with drinking a bottle of water. Many of us do not like the taste, but a large cup of water with lemon is a great way to fill yourself up before a meal.

Now, in addition to the water,  try adding a bowl of soup or a salad with vegtables before the main course.  Cut out appetizers and sugary drinks too. Make your salad appealing by adding all types of vegtables you love.  Cucumbers, olives, and tomato’s are wonderful.  Discontinue the use of salad dressings and just use a sprinkle of lemon, oil and vinegar. 

Soups that have a consume or tomato baseare the best types of soups to have before every meal as they contain less calories then creamy soups.  So every day decide whether you will have a soup or a salad before your meal.  Having water and a soup or salad will help you to feel full and cut down on over endulging.

When making meals only allow yourself a serving size.  Training your mind and body to feel satisfied is how people stay fit and trim.  After every meal take a walk.  Walking is a great way to relax and work off extra calories.  Should you have a bike a short bike ride can help as well.

Remember stick to having 8 ounces of water, a soup or a salad before your meal and stick to portion control.  Adding a little exercise will also help you shed extra pounds while training your mind and body to feel satisfied after every meal and allowing your to cut out snacks will make you fit and trim.


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