10 minutes to lose your weight

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When you? calendar ?s crowd?d, it’s eas? f?r exercise to g?t bumped from t?e sched?le. But ?ith e?en minimal t?me you c?n maintain t?e m?scle tone and endurance you’ve work?d so ha?d to develop.

Try a different one eac? day to ke?p ?our energy and spirits high, y?ur st?ess levels in check and your girth under control. G? straight to the Cardio Slide Show and Thigh, Butt & Triceps Slide Show
fo? a visual guide to ideal form.

10-Minute Cardio Workout

This w?rkout wil? get your ?eart pumping and burn calories, helping y?u bu?ld aerobic fitn?ss. Do e?ch of these exer?ises for 30 seconds. Perform t?e entire cir?ult twice.

Jumping Jacks

Land wit? feet slightly wide? than ?ip width apart, t?en ?nap feet togeth?r as y?u return ar?s to sides.


Stand with feet shoulder width apa?t, ?nees soft. Punch fr?m y?ur shou?ders towa?d the c?nter, slightly twisting at the hips. Alternate a?ms and fists, maintain?ng should?r level height.


Stand with your feet sho?lder width apart, arms extended in front of y?u at shoulder height. Bending ?our knees, ?lowly l?wer yourse?f a? though you ?ere sitting on ? c?air, keeping you? back straight. Wh?n ?our thighs are p?rallel to the floor, raise yours?lf to starting position.

Admit it: W?en time is short and you ?ave to choose between doing ? calorie-burn?ng aerobics w?rkout o? strength training, a?robics wins, hands do?n. But ? st?ong upper body i? ? m?st. Thats why w?’ve put together a strength-training r?utine that ?ill ?ork you? bi?eps, triceps, chest, shoulde?s, and a?s in 10 minutes flat. Do one set ?f each exercis? using a pair of 5- to 12-?ound dumbb?lls.(Choose the heaviest weight you can lift while still maintaining proper form.) Do the entire circuit two to three times.

Dumbbell Flye

This exercis? ?orks the CHEST.

1. Lie on ? benc? with you? kne?s bent and your feet flat on t?e bench, a dumbbell in ?ach hand. Hold the dumbbells o?er y?ur chest, with elbo?s slightly bent and palms facing each other.

2. Keeping your wrists straight, sl?wly lower the we?ghts out t? the sides until your u?per arm? ar? parall?l to the f?oor.

3. Ho?d for a second, then r?ise the? in an arc, sque?zing ?our che?t, to sta?ting position.

4. Do 10 to 15 repetitions.

Dumbbell Row

This exercise ?orks th? bac?, shoulders ?nd biceps.

1. Place your left knee and hand on a b?nch and b?nd f?rward so that you? bac? is flat and parallel t? the floor. Gra?p a dumbbell ?n you? right ?and and let your right arm hang toward th? floor.

2. Slowly b?nd your ar?, lifting the weight t? h?p lev?l and keep?ng it cl?se t? y?ur body. Hold for ? moment, then lower.

3. Do 15 t? 25 repetitions, t?en switch sides.


This exercise works t?e abdominal?.

1. Lie on yo?r b?ck with your knees bent, feet flat ?n the floor, ?ands beh?nd yo?r head.

2. Slowly cu?l your ?pper bod? off the floor, while pressing yo?r low?r back d?wn. Hold fo? one count, then lower three quarters ?f the wa? down.

3. Do 15 to 25 repetitions.


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