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Are you tired of paying large amounts on electricity bills?

There are several factors that increase power consumption:

(1)  your household size is large and so more people utilize more electricity.
(2)  you may have electric heaters convenient for cold weather. In parallel with this, you may have air conditioners for coping with warm conditions. Also, other high energy generating devices like water tanks, water pumps, , kettles, refrigerators, dehumidifiers also contribute.

To make a windmill is to extract the usable energy from the free blowing winds around the area where you live. Similarly, to make solar power is to harness the free energy from the sun.
However, since it is more likely that not all days will be windy or sunny, it may be helpful to build both instead of opting for only one. Some days are sunny but not windy. Likewise, some days are windy but not sunny. In parallel with this, windmills also apply during the night.
It looks like you have natural access on a 24/7 basis to renewable energy sources. You may have not realized how much of a great help making your own windmills and solar power generators until you see your electric bills. Many people have slashed almost 80% off their power consumption, consequently paying less and saving more.

There are also a number of good reasons why you need to switch to alternative energy sources:

(1) you cope with the increasing demand for electricity without paying high amounts.
(2) you reduce 80 % of your power consumption and even eliminate it, once you generate and produce more from your windmills and solar generators than what you used.

And most importantly, you become a good agent in counteracting the adverse effects of global warming that the world experiences today.

To address the leading problems among households of increasing high energy bills, an earth for energy manual is released in the market today. It can also be downloaded via the internet, upon the earth 4 energy site. This contains the alternative renewable energy solutions right at your very hands.
The earth for energy manual gives the step-by-step guidelines along with detailed illustrations on how you make a windmill and make solar power. You heard it right. It’s a do-it your own guide to building either a windmill or a solar grid right at your own home. The benefit is that you don’t have to invest for hundreds or even thousands to ask service agents to install these. You can save money by employing yourself and making your own crafted generators over a couple of days or a couple of weekends time.

Surely, now is the time to act, to stop the effects of global warming, to save you money and most importantly, save the future of our children.


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