Mode "green" Armani-Style

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At the stage of Paris Haute Couture, Giorgio Armani showed his concern for the environment wrapped in futuristic packaging, which will reveal the vision of the future fashion designer.

Not only had that, in an interview with the Telegraph, innovative designers also wanted to show that inspiration can come from little things. Armani said the inspiration for his latest collection of haute couture is the process of metamorphosis and Franz Kafka’s novel tells the story of a man who turned into monster insects. Therefore, not surprising the stage looks so green.

“Metamorphosis is a biological process is beautiful to behold,” says Armani.

“Green” in the hands of Armani is not translated in the form of organic cotton clothing made or the use of natural fibers, but rather a form of homage to the designer of the environment and species that live in it.

The novel deals with Kafka, Armani silhouette spend a lot of insects and snakes, of course, nicely packaged in futuristic way by the designer. Making the collection at Paris Haute Couture showered with praise and positive reviews from fashion observers.

This collection is in contrast to the usual style of Armani Prive show glamorama wrapped in an aura of feminine sprinkling of crystals, the curve of drapes, and pastel colors. The latest collection was shown at the Place Vendome was featured contrasts in shades of green and gray and golden. Armani presented the silhouette of the other feels. No longer full of curves or beraura soft, but sharp, full of angles, and thick with constructive silhouette.

Other performances such as Armani, Armani Prive show in Paris Fashion Week are also broadcast via internet streaming. Armani wanted to make sure not only invitations and VIP guests who enjoy the show, but also enthusiasts and fashionistas worldwide.

“I’m just trying to expand the market,” he said briefly.

According to Armani, who has the right to watch fashion shows? However, not everyone can get a place in the front row or even at the venue where the show takes place.

“Therefore, I broadcast it via the internet, where everyone can see and feel sitting in the front row,” said Armani.

About the collection that feels so contrasting, yet still has a touch practicalities, Armani said, design is something real. “I design for real people, people in real terms. I always think of when I designed the consumer. Because in my opinion, no point in creating a collection of clothing or accessory that is not practical, “says the designer who attended the show the celebrities, including Jessica Chastain, Michelle Dockery, Ruth Wilson, and Cameron Diaz.

Different styles presented Armani fashion observers regarded as one more innovation that try to offer a designer who likes to dress all in black that. How not, innovation is the main factor that makes the name Giorgio Armani is a major player in the league fashion world. Innovation is not only done in the field of design, but also the sales strategy, including advertising campaigns.

Another innovation is to be made Armani the first designer to ban the use of too thin models, made his debut haute couture show live stream via the internet in January 2007, designed the stylish mobile phone with Samsung, also openly declared himself to design a fashion collection for Christian Bale to character as Bruce Wayne in the movie Dark Knight by presenting a special advertising campaign, “Giorgio Armani for Bruce Wayne”.

Innovation and practical mindset, but Armani focus led him to become one of the most successful designers in the world. In 2009, Armani had 60 Giorgio Armani boutiques, 11 Collezioni boutiques, 122 Emporio Armani boutiques, outlets 94 A / X Armani Exchange, Armani Junior 13 outlets, and a Giorgio Armani boutique exclusive Accessory spread over more than 37 countries. In addition, the company predicted a combined turnover Armani worth USD1, 6 billion per year and Armani himself has a personal fortune of $ 5, 3 billion


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