Some Common Las Vegas Etiquette

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Las Vegas is the tipping state. You have to tip just about everyone here because they work for tips. The majority of workers here only get minimum wage and they survive depend on their tips. You have to think about them as they service you. One or two dollars will be better than nothing but no quarters please. I used to get quarters and I think it’s better that you walk away without tipping than giving out quarters and dimes. Your dealers, bartender, cocktail waitress, waitress, all work for tips, there are other worker that just get a straight commission. There is no tipping required for them but it doesn’t hurt either.

Fancy clothing

You have to wear your best clothing in Vegas if you don’t want people to look at you funny because most people that go here are in their best clothing. It’s ok to wear just about anything walking the strip, but when you’re dining out, going to the nightclub, you have to be in your best clothing and dresses. Wrinkles are not accepted here in Vegas. You have to have weather suitable clothing too. Vegas is the dress to impress state.

Sexy dresses

Women are always in their sexy dresses out here in Vegas. They’re in their best tight dress so you should be too. It doesn’t have to be tight but tight is good in Vegas. People are very sexy here and we’re a sexy state. You will fit in better at the nightclub. People are so wild here that a church dress won’t do at a nightclub. You have to be in your best dress. While you’re at it, don’t forget to put some class with it, people are classy here and not ghetto at all.

Leave when you lose

It’s best to leave quietly when you lose. You will lose even more if you stay. I see that visitors will continue to seat and play and lose even some more. When the table is making you lose, it’s a bad table and it’s time to walk away and do something else. Gambling is not the best practice here in Vegas. You will hardly ever win unless you’re from MIT. You might just win if you have a system. However, I see that tourists lose more than winning so I urge them to keep it in their pockets and do other things.

Don’t carry luggage around

You can leave all of your big luggage at the hotel. You will attract a lot of security attention if you carry large luggage around. They might think that you don’t have a hotel and kick you out or something is dangerous in their. It’s best to only carry a purse around and check into your hotel right away.


Security is very tight in Vegas. They check for everything so make sure you don’t look suspicious or act suspicious or harass their employees or the people around you. They will remove you immediately. You should not sleep on their casino floor anywhere. They will stop you and kick you out.


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