Senopati Pamungkas – University of Cloud 10

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Upasara vaguely remember that the God of Death with Padmamuka couple is a couple that is death. If they fight and never leave your opponent without killing! That is why the title of their god of Death. There was no opponent who had fought with them home safely.

They are both powerful and well-known evil. Death god has a secret weapon of all kinds can be mixed river fish. With a special potion that only he knows himself, he took the sting out of starch and water to all animals. Could it be put into a fish bone. That is what was thrown at the opponent. Ordinary people affected by the sting of a fish can be hot and cold fever three days and three nights! What else has been mixed. What else is made ​​in such a way as to kill. Who knows how many hundreds, or thousands, of animals in the water-sacrifice by the god of Death for concocting secret weapon! This alone is a sign of how cruel they are.

And if a horse becomes affected hives abysmally, the tree can wither slowly, you can imagine how painful if the human being. And surely not the only one or two weapons. Upasara goosebumps. Victims who got it is that it tries to heal Ngabehi Pandu.

And now Ngabehi Pandu shook his head.
“Why not be helped, Kisanak?”
Who helped open his eyes smiling. “No, Ngabehi. It’s too late. To what Ngabehi waste energy in vain? This all does not undermine the respect and our thanks.”
His voice was clear.
Jaghana sighed, adjusted his position, and sit near the wounded.
“Jaghana, my brother …”
Kakang (designation for elderly relatives), calm down. I would …” 

“No need. I really can not stand pain. When the god of Death wasforced thorn fish into my mouth, I can not stand the pain .. Itching incredible. So I opened all the way blood, and let all the poisons flowing. I’ll be dead soon. Little sister , do not be sad. Death came into existence, not to be there. ”

Upasara not fully understand the last words, but he did not dare to disturb.
“Do not presume, Eyang Sepuh college built decades just disappeared. Ah, we have not had time to help others. You must continue, jaghana brother.”
“Kakang …”
“Listen, my brother. I can not last long. Task all these colleges is in you. To Eyang Sepuh His efforts could not be found again to stop.

“Eyang Sepuh very noble and great soul. Not Wilanda just still want to help others and to dare to sacrifice himself? He must keep our claim as your own. We do not have to call her kisanak. Ah, actually I wanted to wait for her to sober up and say this. However, I fear can not survive long.

“My brother …” The sentence was interrupted by a loud cough.
Upasara knelt, then shifted his seat. He assumed the head accidentally injured.


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