The Voice Catches Us Again

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So many of us today gathered around television sets far and wide to watch the superbowl.  Whether for commercials or because you actually wanted to watch the game and see who would win, most people were content to turn off the television afterwards and walk away or continue to socialize late into the night.

But, after the Superbowl went off, television went back to showcasing what it could and giving us the premieres that they try to get us to look forward to every time something like this happens.  Tonight, I sat down and watched the premiere of The Voice.  Last year, this was a new show that most of us didn’t really know a lot about.  The only real draw was that during the auditions, the judges didn’t get to see the singer, only hear them.  And it worked.  This is a show where you don’t get judged by how you look or even how you act, it’s all about your talent alone.  This summer, they prepared for the second season holding audtions all over the country and tonight we have finally gotten to see the first fruits of such labors.  Men and women from Florida to Texas to Illinois showcased their talents hoping, praying, that someone would turn around and choose them.

The Voice isn’t a show like the X Factor or American Idol.  This isn’t a show about drama or life stories.  This is a show about talent and courage and growth.  It is a show that speaks to the heart saying it doesn’t matter what you look like or what people have thought of you.  We want to hear what you can do and not what everyone thinks you can or can’t do.  You watch and you see this talent that makes a person think over and over again: this person could be brilliant.  Why haven’t they been on the radio before?  Sure it is a competition, but at the same time, it’s not.  It’s more than that.  The Voice is something that you look at it and a part of you doesn’t care who wins becuase you just want to hear them sing more and more.


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