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Upasara was not generous. He did not think at all opposed to still get away. Keris (dagger) in its calculations will disappear in the opponent’s chest. Basic jockey, Upasra mocking noises in the nose, slamming the dagger disappear into the ground
“Today I was being generous. I entrusted the useless life in you. Hayo. Was filmed there? Why do not deliver to worship and quickly out of here?”
Padmamuka did not know that actually Upasara not be deceived in an instant. Cold sweat and his face growing red. He crouched down. Actually deliver to worship.

If there are people outside who saw this incident would not believe what he saw.

“I ask myself,” said Padmamuka while sliding away, in real terms because the body is rolling rolling.
“Tole, I want to catch this game,” cried the Death God continue to urge jaghana.

“Go home ….” The faint sound Padmamuka answer. In an instant it was Padmamuka been rolled away. Somehow his body to escape from the briers and thorns.

“Good, Tole. I can never deny your request.” Then with a wave of his hand, God of Death pushed his opponent back. He himself jumped up and left. In the middle of the air had a chance to swing his arms in all directions.

Upasara did not suspect anything when it Ngabehi Pandu does not moe very quickly outside the can. His body was flashed, the fabric is opened and the cloth that it captures what is thrown by the god of Death, then return to the opponent. Death gods have elapsed, and that the target is a tree in the distance.
Upasara looked to see amazing changes. The tree is like a rock. And the leaves are close to the ground slowly wither.

“The devil is evil, Wait …”
“Hold,” cried Ngabehi Pandu who is now standing straight, wearing only a pair of legs at the knees. The fabric is then thrown away. Upasara intends to take the fabric replacement on his horse when he realized that the three horses that had run away. Raced once, two of which hit a tree up helter-skelter, issuing loud cries, rushed up, and ran on.

Ngabehi Pandu walked Wilanda, check pulse and breathing.
Then approached the man who was in the sack. Checking, wrinkling her brow to compete. After pressing some of the pulse, Ngabehi Pandu sitting cross-legged on the ground. Pressed his hand on the chest of the person who was still moaning softly. The moaning grew slowly.

Jaghana knelt beside him. Such as depleted energy, and he is doing meditation to restore it.
Atmosphere of quiet again. Quiet. Only the sound of regular breathing. Upasara see that Wilanda still lying unconscious. Ngabehi Pandu was treating, and jaghana not fully able to control turbulence strength, because it is still wheezing. If it had been delayed a few moments, it is not impossible jaghana will experience a different way of life.

Upasara just in case there is anything untoward. Meanwhile his brain to think hard, arranging events that just happened. Deathgods as angry as he jumped away, had cast a secret weapon, which can be deflected by Ngabehi Pandu. Not entirely because some of the secret weapon of the horse. Although still young, in theory Upasara has mastered many things. He knows that thesecret weapon that is thrown Death Gods could contain. Not just any can, because the tree can wither slowly, and the horses went crazy abysmally. Then hit a tree and desperate run continues.


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