A Fulfilled Life

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What is life? According to Merriam-webster’s collegiate dictionary ‘life is the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body’. It also means, the period from birth to dead. Fulfillment means satisfactory. From this definitions we can say that a fulfilled life is the life that is well lived; in satisfaction. It is a life well spent; a life that makes the creator proud; a life that achieve the purpose of its existence.

So many people mistake this to a life of wealth, plenty of food, having fun, having many children, wives or husbands or friends. Others take it to be living without grudges or hating any one. These are all wrong. God created man for a reason. These he expects man without excuse of any kind to meet it up. He is omniscience God; there is nothing hidden from him and there is nothing he doesn’t know.

Man created by God Almighty is to love the lord his God with all his heart, soul and strength; and love his fellow men as himself. Anything short of these is tamed disobedient. Imagine yourself as a father sending your child outside your country with given instructions; learn their dressing and intonation but not their life style. And that you take care of any financial challenge that is involved. If the child studies there, and comes home without meeting up the instructions given, how will you feel? Will you be joyful or welcome the child with happiness? Won’t you feel disappointed? So also God is will be disappointed by those who live life not following His instructions. 

 Live a fulfilled life by doing good works. Be humble, gentle and generous especially to the poor. Life is like a vapor that appears today and vanishes tomorrow. Please your creator; love your neighbor as yourself. Life is just but one. We cannot have another chance after death. Live a fulfilled life today.

Start it immediately to please your creator for life is like a vapor that appears for a moment and then vanish away. You don’t know when you are returning home and time doesn’t wait for anybody. At this point I’ll like to leave you with this question; are you living a fulfilled life?


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