Godaddy Website Service Review

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Go daddy is a website where you can buy hosting plans, websites data plans, domains and so much more. They do provide technical support but let me tell you that it’s far from the best. I got a no answer most of the time there and I was really frustrated when I had my hosting plans there. They keep on shutting down my website for scripts and then they take too long to put it back up and then they keep on shutting it down, causing my business a lot of difficulty and they wouldn’t even help you fix it because they say that they don’t know how to fix it. How can you say that you don’t know how to fix it when you’re the one who is the providers, unless you hire a lot of students who don’t know what they’re doing?

I was happy with the price but unhappy about service there most of the time. Every time that I called in for help, they would always come up with ways to refuse to help you or say that they don’t know what’s going or that they don’t know what’s wrong or how to help you and suggest that you do it yourself. If they’re so low on technical knowledge then why are they even trying to put out poor help at all? No help is better than poor help. I just wish that they would do a little more to help you out no matter what your problems is because that’s what people consider good service even if it’s outside of your boundaries and that’s consider a good business practice.

They seem to have boundaries as to what extend they will go to help your website out with technical issues. I’m pretty sure that it’s ok for them but it makes it really frustrating on their customers if they want help and they can’t get it. I guess they’re not a dictionary where they will know everything but still it’s a poor business practice to keep telling your customers to go and do it themselves and keep telling no that they can’t do much to help you. I once ask their rep to look up something on google that was related to my problems and they say no to me, that they can’t even look up things on goggle on their work time which is ridiculous since it doesn’t cost anything to look things up on Google.

I always thought that their service was terrifying because they keep on denying you help and the techs there don’t know anything about websites and I have to help myself out most of the time and it seems like someone with low programming knowledge like me knows more than their staff. They should consider hiring staff with more technical skills. I think making your customers frustrating all the time is not a good idea either. I was frustrated whenever I called them for help because they never help resolve my issue most of the time.


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