We Every One Desire to Befall Rich

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We every one desire to befall rich, but nearly all of us go by our whole life dream to become rich one day. Have you ever wondered why some people are able to accumulate so much money while others suffer financially their whole life?

There must be some rules that rich people are following to accumulate money that poor people do not know. According to a research on lottery winners they found that poor people who won big money in the lottery became much poorer and even in debt after 5 years of winning lottery due to bad money habits. The reason is that poor people don’t know how to manage their money.

Do You Want To Know Which Are The Money Rules That Rich People Are Following?

1. Rich believe they create their lives. They take control of their life. They invest their time to learn financial education. They make good financial decisions. They take full responsibility of their lives.

Poor People believe government, politicians and rich people are responsible for their poverty. Poor people don’t try to improve their skills and accumulate money by increasing their earning abilities.

2. Rich focus on opportunities. They focus on finding the solutions of their problems. They find new and creative products to solve the problems. By solving problems of other people they get opportunities to start their own business and thus they accumulate a lot of money.

Poor People focus on problems. They blame others for their problems and don’t try to solve them. They don’t invest their money and time to start their own business due to the fear of failure. They block their creativity.

3. Rich dream big, they think big. They think how could I earn one million dollars per year or how could I have a chain of 20 restaurants or shopping centers.

Poor people think small, they are happy by finding a steady job where they can earn enough to pay all their monthly expenses.

4. Rich associate with other rich and successful people. They try to get to know what the other rich people are doing. You can do the same. The more you mix with rich people, the more you will think like them.

And if you think like Rich people you will find new creative ways to accumulate money.

Poor People associate with poor people, if most of your friends salary is less than $30000 annually, you will also have the same range of salary most of the time.

If you associate with people who are making $300000 annually, you will start to see the possibilities of earning $300000 annually.


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