Why Doesnt The Law Of Atrraction Work For Everyone?

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As soon as you tell someone that you practice the Law Of Attraction, there’s a pretty high chance you will hear a lot of negativity and doubtfulness.  The person might say something like “I tried that for two months and I got nothing, that doesn’t work!” or something negative like “Who can be positive all the time?  That’s just ridiculous!”  Those people are people we like to call “law of attraction drop outs” but the fact is, is that they never really dropped *in*.  They might have heard something about the law of attraction but they never really fully interacted with the concept that everything you desire, really can be brought into your life!  These are nay-sayers!

Its no wonder they didn’t get the results they wanted, the law of attraction does indeed work.  But what doesn’t work is a half-hearted attempt to use the law like a catalog, its not a point and get it concept.  if it were magic then you could easily call out what you want, wave your magic wand and voila it would appear.  The Law Of Attraction isn’t magic, its about energy!  Energy can be redirected, but that takes enormous focus and effort.

In most all cases the law doesn’t work out for cynics who hold out their hand while snarling or having a horrendous attitude.  Lets say for example that this person wants to test this concept out by saying “I want to have a million dollars in my bank account tomorrow.”  That person did not sincerely ask is not even sure he or she believes it will appear but would gladly receive it *if* it happens.  The next day the person goes online and looks in their bank account, and sees they still have the same amount and they say “see? That didn’t work at all! I knew it wouldn’t.”

Well, of course it didn’t work!  The law was not utilized correctly!  What if you have a sincere desire to learn the Law of Attraction and still don’t see results? Look around at what has come into your life, watch what you ask for, and watch what you receive.  Chances are you did ask for something and you actually did get it, except you asked for the wrong thing in the wrong way.  Okay, so this isn’t a science, but its a good idea to watch what you ask for and how you ask for it.  

I have actually had some really funny things happen to me along the way because I wasn’t clear on exactly what I wanted.  For example, one day I did ask for a new car.  A month later, I did indeed receive a car.  Unfortunately it was one of those tiny matchbox cars my baby cousin left at our house in my room!  Maybe I should have been specific that it should be a REAL car that I can actually drive, instead of a toy car!  Ya, it was funny. 

But it also showed me that when you really want something, and you feel it, and think it and believe it, that it can happen.  Just make sure your well defined in your expressions, desires, and needs!  God knows you don’t want to work on more money, only to get the game Monopoly as a gift from someone with a truck load of money – play money!


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