How Can You Apply The Law Of Attraction?

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Applying The Law Of Attraction to your life, is easy for some people and harder for others. I think the only reason for this is because A) The Law is limited by your imagination. And most people don’t have a lack of imagination but, they really can’t believe that something like this exists or that it can change their lives. And B) I think the other reason it’s hard for some and easy for others is because some of us become very cynical, depressed, negative, self conscious individuals through our lifetime.

We let this rock hard shell grow around us, and The Law is all about being positive. So if you are a negative person and your used to being a negative person, it’s hard to change that about yourself. The Law can change anything from your career, education, dating, love, money, addictions, etc. Never think for a second that what you see written about The Law or The Secret are “bars” stating what you can change.

This isn’t how this works, The Law is simply a guide for you to be able to reference back to. If you can dream it, you can have it. However, working The Law into your life, isn’t like going to a restaurant and ordering a burger. The Law won’t just give you anything you want right at the drop of a hat, you have to actually believe this works, believe you can have what you want.

Yes, it takes work. But would you rather stay where you are the rest of your life, and be lazy? Or would you rather be better, get better, earn better, love better, think better, and work hard for it? Sorry I pick the latter any day of the week! Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, whose distinguished 52-year career pasturing Marble Collegiate Church of Manhattan, was even better known as the author of The Power of Positive Thinking.

His positive thinking is very much in line with The Law of Attraction by applying repetition of positive affirmations, eliminating negative thinking and applying this to every aspect of life. Dr. Peale saw no conflict with God in this approach because he felt that we could tap into God’s power to use for our needs. Regardless of your religious affiliation, you can apply the Law of Attraction in your life as long as you merge these concepts.


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