Soil fertility…………the most Important issue today

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Crop depends on soil fertility is. Much land will be fertile. So will production. Therefore it is necessary to achieve high output power to be that way. Which not only increase soil fertility. Are formed and constant fertility of the land. Yasa natural fertilizers and artificial fertilizers to the land is used. In addition tduyr crops include vetch crops. Nitrogen in the subterranean plenty left. We know these things our farmer brothers. But many are unfamiliar with basic principles. Appropriate use of fertilizers is not so. Are inevitably not only to reduce production. Buy massive amounts of fertilizers, but farmers are still missing. To remove these obstacles we use fertilizers and basic principles in this article have tried to highlight. Brothers so that our farmers can understand them. We wrote this article is in the form of questions and answers necessary to cover things like and keeping scientific principles to maintain the fertility of agricultural land.

Question:     What current farming methods, our agricultural lands are the disadvantages?

Answer:        Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are the barren lands of misusage. Dung, compost and use of green fertilizers not only reduces the fertility of land is decreasing. But they are krarb tissue and is helpful in decreasing the number of microbes. If it lands on the control was found to be inactive. So many countries have started using organic cultivation. Organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers and bio-posted type fertilizers are being used as well as Insect and disease prevention integrated approach for control is being emphasized.

Question:     Which of the food ingredients are found in plants?

Answer:        Read the fine clay soil particles have been named and it is very important. The soil is a key component. Is associated with mineral matter. Which provides food ingredients. There are two types of food ingredients. Major components and minor components. They are major components in plants that require large quantities. Such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur. They are minor components of plants need in small amounts, such as Boron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Iron. Property consists of two components of food. A solution in the water but are slowly becoming plant food. In addition, soil organic matter is present. Food components that provide plants and soil fertility increases. In addition, it improves soil texture.

Question:     What is organic matter, and how it can be extended in the Earth?

Answer:        To obtain good yields in soil organic matter is important to have sufficient amounts. This not only increases soil fertility. Instead of soil texture and helps improve tissue.

Neck of land plants from rotting waste material bodies or bacteria using a microscope is created, Organic matter is called, and plant nutrients known to cause flow. In addition, a number of advantages. An estimated one quarter of the production plant is beneficial to humans and the remaining three quarters of them back into the fields can be used to increase fertility. Thawed after decay of organic matter makes hyums. Which is brown in color or ink drawn. The groundwater bodies microscope furnish food and heat and reduces ground interaction. Soil organic matter is the correct structure or tissue. Earth’s ability to absorb water increases. Permeate much of the deforestation and land protection. To life and dignity of the earth’s organic matter. Perhaps nature is organic material made ​​for the masses in the fertility of the land and the establishment of tissue can be kept constant.

            The first is our duty to use their natural gifts. That farmers should take advantage of this windfall, because worms in our season early due to organic matter is burnt. It is necessary to add organic fertilizers every year.

Question:     Land use categories microscope, bacteria or bacteria are used? And why are essential for fertility of the land?

Answer:        Microscope or useful things, countless numbers of bacteria are found in soil. A handful of soil contains billions of. They are engaged in their work day and night and tear of the organic matter. Which plants make food ingredients. There are three types of microscope bodies. He was one of the nitrogen directly from the sbt provide the plants for food. From the fruits of other commodities usatat sbt air and nitrogen to the roots of these are present in the form of investment. Vetch grains are not only nitrogen but also uses very little amount of nitrogen (40 to 60 kg per acre) of land left. Which was later buyy crop does work. The third category of germs and bacteria that are rotten and decayed vegetable crops child khcy materials are provided with food components. The microscope is built upon the fertility of soil bodies or bacteria. Either of them can be increased by adding organic matter in soil or vetch to grow ajnsas. In addition to increasing the use of bio-post is also very useful. Microscope experiments proved useful things that are essential for maintaining the land does not rise above 7 interaction. The 7.3 level after things start to die. Land which is barren.

Question:     Bio is posted? How it is used and what are the benefits?

Answer:        Post a bio-organic mixture. Which are included in the useful bacteria. Process in which soil and soil organic material to start Changes in plant foods are available and can increase productivity considerably. Karachi-based company recently (aytku fertilizer company) with the help of the French company began to produce bio posted on the ‘modern agriculture’ has been through many experiences. These experiments proved that organic bio posted a very useful combination. nstead of watering the first two bags and put a sack utrany naytrufas per acre in the mixed bio posted sacks and sixth. Half the amount of bio-fertilizers on the other post is inserted. It is suitable for all crops. Production increases, the minerals in the ground reduces noise. Interaction reduces crop land from food ingredients which are found in large amounts, organic matter increases. Productivity increases. Production increases And chemical fertilizers to cut costs and improve the process and makes it useful. All the agencies in large cities, where access can post Brothers. Now more than sixty countries are being used to post bio’s. So our farmer brothers should benefit from the manure increased organic matter in their lands, an increasing number of useful bacteria, soil and groundwater are correct tissue interaction (PH) are reduced.


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