My first article – Mozilla Firefox

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So, it is my first article in Bukisa. If I write really badly, welcome for your comments!

I think everyone must hear about an excellent browser—Mozila Firefox, so I prefer to talk about this well known browser.

I would like to talk about its advantages first. It is clear that a browser is used to surf the Net. But that’s all. Cetainly not. Before the launch of the Mozilla Firefox, we use IE commonly, but the security of IE worried a lot of people because virus can easily attack our computer during surfing the Net by IE. The launch of Firefox gives hope to the Internet users because we are provided with a high security browser–Firefox. The theory behind I don’t know very much so I can not share with you.

Besides , I think tabbed browsing is first appeared in Firefox, this enables us to browse many web pages in only ONE browser, we don’t need to open a new browser, it is more convenient.

In addition to, the design of Firefox is really fantastic. We can download the themes that we like and use it in Firefox, that means we have more visual enjoyment while surfing the Net.

One important part of Mozilla Firefox is that we can download different plugins sunch APPLE QUICKTIME, JAVA, etc. Some plugins are really easy to use and really helpful.

So, in a nutshell, Mozilla Firefox is no doubt that an excellent browser which enables us to handle different problems and tasks. I think I can use a sentence to express my feeling about Mozilla Firefox—‘Firefox is the best!’

Thanks for looking  my bad writing!


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