Synchronizing Your Brain For Successful Trading

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Many traders have struggled to master the art of making money trading the markets.
Traders have studied the techniques of the masters such as W.D. Gann and R.N. Elliott
as well as many of the currently published new books on technical analysis. Some have
achieved the results they wanted through deep concentration and study into the discipline and
techniques of trading and have made tremendous amounts of money. Others have failed to
understand or develop the discipline of trading and have become part of the statistic that 90%
of the people that trade Lose money in the markets.
Few traders can utilize the full potential of their brain, for example to understand the
complex trading methods of W.D. Gann, one of the most brilliant traders of all time. W.D. Gann
was able to reduce the movements of the markets to mathematics and make millions of dollars
trading the markets. The average person has difculty reading and understanding his books
and courses. Most people must read his material over and over again to understand his trading
methods. Many traders have tried to understand Gann’s concepts but nally just gave up. These
are some of the people who say that the trading concepts of Gann just don’t work. Others who
were able to fully understand what Gann was saying have made hundreds of thousands or
even millions of dollars and believe that nothing could be better than Gann techniques. Could
it be that most peoples’ minds are not developed enough to fully understand the concepts
of Gann? More than likely, it is.
It’s been said that the mind is one of the most under utilized resources in the world.
The human brain consists of billions of cells and it has the potential to challenge the biggest
computer in the world. The wonderful bio-computer between the ears has inconceivable
potential. Very few people have tapped even part of its potential. The psychologist William
James said the we human beings bungle through the days of our lives “as if only half awake.”
Abraham Maslow concurred, estimating the average person is operating well below his true
capabilities, utilizing only 1015% of his mental potential. As unattering as these remarks
are, they are probably true.
All of us have experienced periods in our trading when for some reason our performance
soared far beyond its normal parameters. For some reason everything came together and it
gave us an opportunity to achieve fantastic prots. At such periods of peak performance, our
mind and body is functioning at their full potential. Our entire entity is united and synchronized
for success. When we are in this state we are empowered by deep forces within us and we
are able to fully analyze the markets and make very protable trading decisions. It’s at those
passing moments that we get a glimpse of our possible potential.
Athletes try to achieve what is call the Zone: a magical feeling, an aura,when you can’t do
anything wrong. All athletes have felt it. They talk about it, but they are not sure how to get it,
Traders World 374
how to keep it, or what it really is. Basically what it is a heightened state of consciousness, an
altered states if you will. It’s form varies among different people, but it’s the same thing. Mind
and body are functioning at their full potential. Traders, especially day-traders have the same
zone, days when they do no wrong in day-trading. The reason they do so well on those days,
is that their mind is in a heightened state of consciousness. They are sharp, ready and alert
to take the right action on any change that might occur in the market. They are probably in
the hyper-alert state of “Super-Beta” awareness. Just imagine if you could put your brain in
the same state of mind or “Super-Beta” frequency of the best trading day you ever had in your
life? What could that do to your prots?
To achieve this potential on a regular basis may not be as difcult as you may think. New
and important understandings into the area of neuro-psychology are being made daily. New
techniques and technologies are emerging which hold the promise of dramatically improving
the functioning of your mind for better learning and functioning during different activities. A new
technology has developed to voluntarily control the different states of the brain. An amazing
megabrain device utilizing light and sound synchronizers is available to improve your brain
performance. The device is made by InnerQuest and sells for $299. This remarkable portable
device contains 21 present computerized programs to promote deep relaxation, meditation,
mental alertness and concentration, high energy, enhanced creativity, accelerated learning and
self-development, as well as improved sleep. Giving the usefulness and the popularity of this
device, it’s not surprising that a large number of traders will use the InnerQuest to condition,
tune up, and build mental muscles to improve their trading prots.


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