Christmas in Connecticut Dvd

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From Warner Brothers Video, this Christmas in Connecticut DVD is satisfactory, with a neat extra, but still is nothing to write home about as a rule.  The movie itself is decent with solid acting and a hearty plot, but the packaging of the product in terms of presentation and content is just average.

The actual movie is shown in standard full screen mode.  It is a black and white film, and it looked and sounded okay.  It’s a dual layer format with Dolby Digital technology.

The primary extra on the DVD is a movie short called Star in the Night, which I have actually seen before on a religious channel, as I recall.  It was actually one of the reasons I decided to get the DVD in the first place.  This movie is quite intriguing, a sort of modern (for the 1950s) Star of Bethlehem story with a cowboy twist.  Something about this feature touches me, so when I saw it as an extra, it made me more inclined to want the Christmas in Connecticut DVD.

The DVD does also include the theatrical trailer for the picture, but nothing else is included as bonus material.

I am not crazy about the front cover artwork or even the back.  It reminds me of a cheap press media kit.  It is supposed to be bright and festive with its red and green color scheme, but it is not that attractive to my eyes.  The front states the names of the three primary stars — Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, and Sydney Greenstreet — and shows a picture of Stanwyck and Morgan in a rocking chair.  This is strictly a promotional shot as nothing like this was in the film. That part of the cover is the artwork on the disk as well.

The reverse artwork is a little better with three shots from the movie along with the write up on the movie and the contents of the DVD.

The movie offers something a bit different from the normal holiday film in that Christmas is just a background and not really part of the story.  Rather, it is the unexpected meeting of two people and how they fall in love.


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