7 Funny Things About Las Vegas

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Managers with low education

It’s funny but you will see a lot of management here with a low level of education. You would think that they’re educated but Vegas are the place where most of them only have an AA degree. They’re lowly educated here and they are happy with that and casinos are fine with that. They do appreciate more education but no education is ok with them too as long as you have experiences or if your dad runs the casino.

Models to serve burgers

It’s funny but you will see a lot of model look alike serving burgers. Vegas are the only place that I know that require models to serve burgers. You don’t need to be a model to serve burgers but apparently that’s how casinos like it. It’s discrimination but Vegas is trying to get pass that. They’re still hiring model most of the time to serve burgers.

Dancers equal hookers

Well, you should not think of your dancers as dancers only, most of the time these girls will solicit you for hooking activities and they’re very expensive. Most men will be surprise when they’re charged $1grand for a lap dance in the back but that’s how it is here in Vegas.

Must tips

You have to tip every where you go in Vegas. People here will not treat you well the next round if you don’t tip them. This is the tipping industry and it’s funny if you don’t know that. However, I feel funny asking for tips or looking for one all the time. It’s like being a circuit monkey.

Not all girls here are hookers

If you see a cute girl strolling down the strip, you must not assume that she’s a hooker. We are not all hookers here. There are nice girl in this city too. This is a wild city but normal people live here too and I hope that you know that.

It cost here

It cost here for just about everything and even that lap dance that you think is free. It’s not free. You will be charge $800 later on at the counter and you will be surprise about Vegas.

You don’t always win

People think that they can hit the jackpot when they’re here in Vegas but that’s not the case most of the time. They will most likely lose most of the time and even if they win, they will still lose over time and I’m talking from experiences. I’ve learned cards and I know that you don’t win as much as losing.


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