Lifeboat Special Edition Dvd

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The Lifeboat Special Edition DVD is a nice edition to any film library.  Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this wartime flick deals with survivors of a battle on a lifeboat.  The stars include Tallulah Bankhead, Walter Slezak, Mary Anderson, Walter Bendix, and Henry Hull.  It is a skilled picture in that the entire story takes place on this lifeboat as it traverses the ocean.  It is a difficult task and it was extremely well done.

The DVD presents the movie in full frame in the original aspect of its theatrical presentation.  It is clear and sharp and I find no flaws in it.

There are a lot of bonus materials included, beginning with commentary by Drew Casper, a Hitchcock expert.  He spoke a lot about the nuances of the filming and the way things were , which is understandable because he teaches a course on the Hitchcockian style.

I am actually conflicted over this commentary.  Casper was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter, but it almost was too much like a film class.  I appreciated his comments and such, but it was a strange track to listen to and not necessarily a pleasant time simply from his intonations.

Another extra was The Making of Lifeboat.  This was interesting to an extent, but I have to admit that I expected more than I got in this featurette.  IN fact, I think as a whole I was let down by this DVD set.  It holds more promise than what was delivered.

The set has a cardboard holder that the case slips into.  The images on the holder are the same as the case, only they are more muted.  The pictures are much sharper on the case.  The front cover is simply the lifeboat with its occupants on the ocean, and the back cover are three different images from the movie and the write up.

I am not sure why I feel let down by this set.  There are plenty of bonus material pieces, and the set looks sharp, but for some reason, the pieces have let me down.  Maybe I wanted more depth.  I’m really not sure, but I am still happy to have this.


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