Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Dvd

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a terrific movie, directed by Frank Capra and starring James Stewart as junior senator, Jefferson Smith.  He is bright eyed and naive as can be as he goes to Washington D.C. and enters a political world that he has idealized.  All too soon, he has to face the bitter truth that politicians can become corrupt.  It all leads to an emotional and attention getting filibuster.  It is the little man versus the big machine, and it all makes for an incredible movie experience.

The DVD, unfortunately, does not quite live up to the power of the movie, but it still has a lot to offer for fans of Capra, Stewart, or the movie.

The front cover of this DVD features an action scene with James Stewart, while the back cover has several movie scenes and the write up about the movie and DVD. This is all pretty average.

The highlight of the bonus material included is commentary by Frank Capra Jr., the son of the director.  I was a bit skeptical of what he could offer in a sound track, but he actually did have a lot of valuable and interesting things to say, so I am overall pleased with this commentary.

Another extra included on the DVD is Frank Capra Jr. Remembers …, which again focuses on what the younger Capra recalls from the making of the picture and things his father had to say about it.

In addition, the bonus extras include an advertising gallery and the original theatrical trailer.

There is nothing really special about the movie presentation, which is given in full screen.  This is a black and white film that transferred nicely to the DVD.  I have no complaints about the picture or audio.

Also in the movie are Jean Arthur, Harry Carey, Beulah Bondi, and Claude Rains.

The extras do add to the reasons for buying the DVD. While I would wish for even more, for a 1939 film, I am actually happy to have the Capra Jr. commentary and the one featurette I mentioned.  On the whole, this is definitely worth having.


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