The Shaggy Dog: The Wild And Woolly Edition Dvd

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The Shaggy Dog: The Wild and Woolly Edition DVD was released in 2004 and for a single DVD offering does provide some satisfying viewing on the disk.  Apparently, this was the first movie to ever be colorized from its original black and white release.  As such, both the black and white and the colorized options are included.  Both are widescreen.  It includes a French language track and Spanish subtitles.

The bonus material begins with The Shaggy Dog Kids, a great reunion of the kids who starred in the movie, though not all together.  Tim Considine is with Roberta Shore, and then both Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran were interviewed separately. It is a wonderful session as all four respond to similar questions.

There was also a very nice retrospective on Fred MacMurray, who was clearly much loved and respected by all of these stars.  It includes not just the kids from The Shaggy Dog, but John Davidson and Lesley Ann Warren who appeared with him in The Happiest Millionaire, which is one of my all time favorite movies.  Davidson had an interesting story about guest hosting The Tonight Show once and wanting MacMurray as a guest.

Then there was an audio commentary, which was only available on the black and white track.  I had already watched it and wanted to look at the color track while listening but discovered I was unable to.  I wish I had known that before watching.  Again, it was all for of the now very mature kids, but in two separate sessions.  Shore was with Considine, while Kirk and Corcoran were together.

I was really impressed with these four “kids” in that they all had such fond memories of the film and their careers.  They sounded so respectful of everything.  I would put forth that they served Walt Disney very well as Disney kids.

As for the commentary, a lot of it was them laughing to what they were seeing, having not watched the movie in a very long time.  Even so, they did have a lot of stories and recollections, but it is not what I would call a commentary that is chalk full of insights.  I liked it, but just be aware that it is a more leisurely and casual track.

I am so glad I made a spontaneous decision to get this DVD; it’s been so much fun to watch.


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