Korean Invasion

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Korean Invasion

Koreans invaded Baguio City, Philippines!  Yes, not only as students but like mushrooms they proliferate the business industry.  Seems there is a Korean fad in this city..from food, to clothings, to cosmetics, to schools, and languages.

This is good in the business industry of the city as well as in promoting tourism. But I’ve been hearing negative comments of the attitude and culture of this people.  I had a close encounter with one of them when our group had a meeting and wanted to try Korean cuisine. 

 Ole! Fusion restaurant near mandarin restaurant at session road  was recommended for us to experience the food plus the ambiance of Korea.  The place is secluded that if you are not familiar with the place you’ll get lost.  It’s got a homey ambiance depicting of Korean home.  It is divided in two areas; one area has tables and chairs while the other one where we were seated is a long wood table and you sit on the floor.  We had a joke for those who have rheumatism that they can no longer get up after eating since the space is not that spacious.

The meal tastes good with chilli hotness of Korean food.  It balances the coldness of Baguio.  They served rice water as drink.  Everything went fine with the meal as the waiter always checked on our needs.

When our banker is negotiating for the payment, we were told that they don’t honor senior citizen discount.  Our group has two senior citizen and they showed their ID’s explaining that it is a law in the Philippines of the privileges of senior citizen discounts especially on food.  The Korean manager just said no and sat down without saying a word.  The Filipino waiter said we have to pay what we have eaten because the restaurant doesn’t honor any discounts.

I was really disappointed because Koreans are just visitors of this country and they should follow our laws.  I already heard so many stories of not so good culture and attitude of these Korean nationals and this is my first encounter that showed how irrespectful they are.  Their business doesn’t only serve Koreans, and the fact that they put up a business here, it is just proper for them to follow our law.  Giving discounts to senior citizens is not only to help our oldies but it is also a sign of respect to them.  All I thought, Koreans has high regard to older citizens like Japan and China.  Maybe I got the wrong assumption.


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