Valentine's Day: Tips For Men

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Valentine’s can be a very daunting day for couples, especially men. If you are having trouble trying to figure out what your lady wants this holiday, here are a few 




1.) Women like creativity. Whatever you choose to do for each other on this day of love, take this into consideration. You do not have to spend a lot of money, to show 


your signifigant other your true feelings for her. Take her to a place that is special exclusively for the two of you.


2.) Gift ideas should inspire love, true feelings, and romance. Each woman is different so this is in no way a commandment, but as a rule, please choose to give her 


practical gifts on another day.  For example, please give her that new blender on another day of the week.


3.) Gifts should not be selfish in nature. To make this more clear, do not use this as a time for you to go out and buy a gift you both think you might. A new 


television for the bedroom, might be okay next month, but might not inspire the response you hoped for.


4.) Chocolates and roses are nice and beautiful, but she might enjoy and be surprised by a change of pace, or deviation in the romantic agenda. So do not be afraid to 


get creative, and walk a little on the wild side, so to speak.


5.) Do something for her that takes real sacrifice for you like attend the ballet, or an opera performance. Attend a really romantic albeit cheesy movie. An example of 


this type of film, would be the upcoming romantic drama, “The Vow.” Early reviews have compared it to the romantic blockbuster, “The Notebook.”


6.) Make the day or night, just simply for the two of you. Leave the sports scores and buddies at home for the night. Tomorrow can be for ordinary things and people. 


Arrange a babysitter for the kids you might have.


Valentine’s Day for her and you can be very special for both her and you. She just wants to feel noticed, set apart, and appreciated. So, make a true effort, and she 


will very thankful in her own way and manner. In case you think this article is all about what the guys should do, a list for the ladies is coming. Valentine’s Day 


should be for both partners to show their love and appreciation.


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