How to Maintain Your Coolant System

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Once in awhile, it’s a good idea to inspect the system for broken hoses, leaks, and loose hose. If you see it with your own eyes, you can then fix it. I saw problems with my system by inspecting it. Sometimes, the hoses can come off loose or the sealer is loose and you may need to buy a new one. It’s bad to drive with loose hose, you will overheat on the road and it’s a major inconvenient.

New hoses

If your hoses are old, leaking, it’s best to replace them. You can go to auto zone and they will have all types of hoses there and they will replace them for free for you. New hoses are the best for long term using of your car.


You should use anti-freeze over water because tap water could add solids to your radiator and corrosion will cause it to not work properly.

Rest your car

If you’re driving more than half an hour, it’s imperative that you pull over and give it a break to let the engine cool down and the coolant cool down, open up your hood and let it out. You can also spray cool water into the radiator to cool it down. This will prevent over heating of your car if you’re going on a long trip. It’s better than having it tow one hundred miles.


You can change your fans if it’s not working or if the electrical property is not working well. You can double check to see if it’s working. After driving for awhile and the coolant gets hot, the fan should come on, and if it doesn’t than the fan doesn’t work and it needs to be replaced or have it checked out at a shop.

Clean radiator

The radiator is exposed to dirt, dust and solids, so it’s a good idea to buy small metal brushes and flush it water and brush it off of the surface of the radiator to allow cooler air to enter. Air can’t enter if it’s blocked by sediments. This is a very good process to keep your radiator from working properly.

Change radiator

You can also change the radiator if it’s not working properly. The radiator gets old and clogged up so if it’s too old, it’s a good idea to change it.

Test your fluid

You can run down some fluid like water or antifreeze down the reservoir to see if there is a leak, look under your hood for leaks and note the location and fix it.

Flush the system

If the antifreeze is too old, it’s time to flush it all out. You can drain the hose or the radiator. Old fluid can be less effective at getting rid of heat but also sediments could clog up your radiator.

Radiator flush

It’s a good idea to flush out your radiator too since sediments could collect in there.


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