Give Your Clothes New Life With Easy to Use Alteration Videos

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Have a weakness for shopping the thrift stores? Really, who doesn’t. It can be disappointing when you come across a incredibly good skirt or pair of pants only to see it has a broken zipper. You know having a tailor or seamstress replace the zipper will cost more than you will pay for the clothes.

If only you could potentially fix it yourself but you have actually have no idea of how or where to start. Now you can do it yourself. I found this great site that illustrates to you how to do all different kinds of easy to do alteration videos. You watch the video and you are on your way.

Do It Yourself Alterations has all variations of alteration videos to have your outfits looking and fitting the best. The alteration videos are well-done so you see in steps how to do each alteration. They take you throughout the entire technique from pinning the alteration to pressing it so you get a finished look.

Have you lost weight just recently and your pants and skirts no longer fit? However now instead of giving away your clothes you can take them in to fit you beautifully. The alteration videos demonstrates how to take in pants or skirts with or without waistbands. Does your garment have pockets? No problem, they include steps on how to take in pockets too.

Other alteration videos include shortening suit sleeves, replacing worn out elastic and knit cuffs, replacing 4 different kinds of zippers, how do to all sorts of hems including leather and suede and even a video on how to shorten curtains.

The home page even a free sample video on how to do a blind stitched hem or a hem by hand so you can see how easy it is to learn how to do your own alterations at home. The rest of the videos are only $6.95. I have been to other website with free alteration lessons but have not encountered any that are so detailed.

With the new school season underway it is the good time to go thru that heap of clothing that needs some TLC like replacing elastic, replacing broken zippers or even just sewing on a button. Yes the webpage also has a free video on how to sew on a button and have it stay on.

Go look up the site and you will be fascinated how hassle-free it is to , . In your extra time you can give your clothes new life and a save a big amount of money while watching TV.


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