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Mini laptop computer won in the last year fast at popularity. Mini laptop computer are relatively low-priced and one can you forward everywhere carry. Many people superior not for a long time whether you really a mini laptop computer need, but buy impulsively, completely simple because laptop of 10 computers in the mode are or because their acquaintance also one to have. You find later out that you its mini PC to hardly use and something else could better on have spent the money. Which one should consider before the purchase of a mini laptop computer: 

1. Will the mini laptop computer be my only computer? This answer will not please many people, but if you the mini PC their only computer will be, you should not decide better for it. Although mini laptop computer for a quantity of things are well suitable, you are not suitable for all things well enough. The largest problem with a mini laptop computer is its size. Its largest advantage is at the same time also its largest disadvantage. The small keyboard makes most problems. It is suitable well for typing Web addresses or for the letter of email reports, the letter of long texts is however a laborious affair. Many typing errors, because one affects often two keys at the same time, and cramps in the fingers. 

2. Do I get along with a small screen? The average screen diameter of a mini laptop of computer amounts to around the 10 tariff and around everything to see must one much back and forth scrolling. In the long run this becomes rather annoyingly and disturbing. For people with a weak sight these small screens are in any case unsuitable. 

3. Do they possess a Smartphone or a PDA? If you possess one the better Smartphones, a Palm Pre, IPhone or Android mobile phone, the question arises whether you at all a mini laptop computer necessarily has. With a Smartphone one has always and everywhere entrance to the Internet, even if no Wi-Fi Hotspot is in the proximity. That is perhaps the largest advantage of a Smartphones opposite a mini laptop computer. The keyboard against it is still many smaller than with the mini PC and is absolutely unsuitable to the letter of long texts. Smartphones are small and more easily than mini laptop computer and one can thereby also still telephone. Mini laptop computer are fully functional computers and have thereby a large advantage opposite Smartphones or PDAs. But which equipment at the best one for you is hangs really of it starting from which you thereby to do intends. 

4. For what do you want to use its mini laptop computer? This is the most important question it to place itself should. There are many people without much thinking the mini laptop computer bought to find out only over after four weeks that you actually no use for it to have. Mini laptop computer are relatively cheap, but one must to it-buy in addition still necessary laptop the accessories, like e.g. a CD/DVD drive assembly. The cheapest usual laptops are often not very many more expensive then. All of this is not to mean that mini laptop computer is bad. On the contrary, for their price you have to offer a quantity. One should become clear however over it whether one really a mini laptop needs and will also use. It would be differently nevertheless unfortunate if one heap money for nothing spends.


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