Purpose in Life

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What is your purpose in life…

                A simple question but it’s so hard to answer.. when I was young my purpose in life is to finish studies and go abroad.  To my mind, heaven is going to another country where there are lots of chocolates and apples.  That was a dream influenced by the culture of a nation invaded by different strong nationalities.  As I grow older, with all the learning and experiences, I realized life is not abroad. 

I learned that man is a social being.  It dawned to me that life doesn’t mean uprooting yourself to where you grew up and embrace other culture and environment.  I came to realize that my purpose in life then is not to go abroad but to maximize my being a social person.  In other words, to be on this earth is to be in union with other creation.  To be social means to be at peace with other human beings, to take care of the environment where I live in, to share what I have and what I know.  To share does not only mean monetary but also knowledge, resources, and other things that makes others happy and improve a life.  A simple touch or a smile shared to a fellow makes a day bright, a visit to a sick or bereaved lighten a pain, offering a handkerchief or a shoulder to a person in tears makes a big difference.  Offering help to the needy is part of our role as a social being.

I appreciate teachers because their purpose is to educate a child, and so with engineers for they build infrastructures, bridges, etc.  I am amazed of scientist for their discoveries, the doctors and others who are in medical field for they heal.  All the other professions are working so hard for a purpose. 

Going back to the question, I can say:  I am what I am…in the end when my time comes and face my creator..maybe He will ask if I finished my purpose on earth.  I will proudly answer:  Lord I lived a social life on earth!


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