Sociology My Passion

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Though I studied science in class XII, I always had an inclination towards arts, which I then pursued for graduation. I instantly connected with the idea of sociological imagination, its analysis, and the ability to gauge situations differently.
To observe and understand people has been my forte. And since all human behaviour is social, the subject of sociology caught my attention. Ever since I began to understand it, I knew I wanted to make a career in this field.
Studying sociology at the master’s level has helped me understand the subject deeply. To a layman, sociology is a study of society and its behaviour. Theoretically, it is a study of social life, change, causes and consequences of human behaviour. I have come to realise that it provides many distinctive perspectives of the world, helps generate new ideas and challenge the old. It allows you to know, be aware and bring about a change.
As a two-year course, it discusses various issues of social importance. The subject teaches you to investigate the structure of groups, organisations and societies. The course covers issues ranging from intimate family matters to those of gender, race and social class.
For example, people from the bottom rung of society are invisible. The upper and middle class distort facts and representations that affect the third tier of the society. While this course, teaches me distinct ways of approaching sensitive issues, it also gives me a chance to be rooted in my culture.
Two years down the line, I see myself as a sociology teacher. A career that would not only allow me to teach but also learn in the process, I look forward to giving back to the society in my own little way.As individuals we can make our small contributions to society by donating money to trustworthy NGO’s, saving our resources by reducing our consumption, E.g. by switching off lights or computers when not in use helps companies reduce their carbon footprints on the earth.

Human resources are our most important asset. That is why we to an ever-increasing extent focus on the well-being and safety of our colleagues, as well as the working environment on board and ashore. We equally care for the families of our staff, their surroundings, possibilities and environment.

When doing so, we also acknowledge that the global challenges related to either poverty or lack of opportunities are so infinitely much bigger outside of our own “community”. Although we realize that we cannot solve these issues on our own, we do believe that every effort counts.


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