How to Inspire Yourself to Achieve Success?

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When we get frustrated, its the most difficult time period. Frustration can be minor or major. To shine amongst the crowd in such stubborn conditions is the result of inspiration. Inspiration starts at positive attitude and is a never ending cycle, which repeats itself. It’s job completed with growth in confidence. The distance between the corners, i.e., positivity and confidence is definitely hard, but very very rudimentary. It means, follow the basics and achieve the best. A couple of lines that I adopted as my first step towards positivity are from my own poem, ‘Failure To Success’ – “All the sorrow, loss and pain, I will forget and stand again.” Keep up the positive attitude, in whatsoever the circumstances are.The next step involves the basic principle of belief. Believe in thyself, believe in the circumstances, believe in your goals. I often notice that people, due to small failure, lose faith in themselves, the conditions, or their goals. This happens due to the fact that these people do not have patience. So, patience is the next important key. I was once, a very impatient person, but I overcame it. It was due to the simple reason that I was determined enough. Thus, the next important step is building determination in thyself. Determination is a very important milestone in our journey to success.Out comes the next step, i.e. work. Work simply doesn’t mean working ‘hard’, but means following the basic perfection of specification. Be specific. This will largely impact on the circumstances, contradicting the statement that circumstances can’t just be changed. This is a much needed impact. The change of circumstances will turn the situations on its head. You are near your destination, success. The final step is acceptance. You will definitely achieve things during this journey, but just learn to accept them, whether small or big. Acceptance comes from satisfaction, which is the direct result of positive attitude. This completes the cycle. We started our journey at positive attitude, and it will linger around it. I would like to conclude- “Do not fail to enjoy the green, and admire all good you have seen.” Finally I would heartily thank all the patient listeners.Thumbs up for a great and successful life. Just remember-  be positive!


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