What is creatine and why it is number one supplement you should consider if you are looking for serious gains.

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     Creatine is an acid which occurs naturally in many organisms.  It is being used in our body to supply energy to muscles when other energy sources are depleted.  Usually we get creatine from food especially from red meat and fish, which contain about 1g of creatine per kg. This way we get about 1-2g of it per day and the other 2-3 grams are being generated in our bodies. By supplementing with creatine you can saturate your body with it and this way increase you power output significantly during workouts.

     So who should consider taking creatine? Creatine is good for any athlete who is involved into anaerobic sports such as football, wrestling, weight lifting and even in boxing to produce explosive punches. If are involved in sports such running, swimming or anything that requires endurance in most cases you will not get any gain from creatine.   Gains you can expect from it vary from person to person and mostly depend on what kind of food you were consuming before starting taking creatine.

     If you start taking creatine you will see you energy increase in a couple of days after starting supplementing and muscles gain in a couple of weeks. Creatine helps you gaining muscles in a two ways. I t gives you more energy so that you can do more reps with a heavier loads.  This way you will force your body to produce more testerone ( I will talk about how you can naturally increase your testerone level in my next posts)  which will help you increase your muscle mass.  Other way creatine helps you, is by retaining water in muscles and creating perfect environment for protein transfer to your muscles.  From my own experience I got unbelievable results, I was able to go from 50 lb dumbbells to 100 in just one year (And I mean 100lb per dumbbell or 200lb in total). 

      Creatine usually is being taken in cycles about 2 month each. Each cycle consists of loading phase, maintenance phase and than about one month without creatine. Loading phase is done by taking 4 creatine servings 5g each, 4 times a day (total 20g/creatine per day) for seven days. While on creatine you should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration (you should take this note seriously).  After seven days of loading comes maintenance phase during which you should take just 5g of creatine per day. There are many opinions on how long the maintenance phase should be, however I usually do it for 3-4 weeks. After 3-4 weeks of maintenance phase you should stop taking creatine for a month or two. So that your body still able to produce creatine by its own (It was not proved scientifically yet that your body will shut down creatine production if you do not cycle).   

  To get highest results: lift hard, get plenty of rest and drink A LOT of water.


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