Mba Admissions: Myths Unveiled

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M.B.A (Masters of Business Administration) – This degree in your resume can have a phenomenal impact on your career. It will not only give money (MBA automatically means high salary), but also a respectable place in the society (obviously due to well paying job), and that’s the major reason behind a large number of applications that pourevery year, for MBA entrance exams. It is seen that in the initial stage of these exams (there are many tests apart from CAT) the enthusiasm level is at the zenith as compared to the later stage which is marked by lot of apprehensions, confusion and worries, the reason being – “myths”or let us say insufficient knowledge about the admission procedures.

It is very apparent that different people will have diverse opinions, and naturally no two accounts would be the same. Therefore, you will get to hear lot of things(not necessarily true) aboutMBA admissions 2012 which does nothing, other than “brainwashing”.  So, let us take a look at some of these “fictitious accounts” which lead to misunderstandings.

One of the common misconceptions is that only IIMs are the best – Agreed they are in the league of world renowned management institutes, nevertheless one cannot ignore the fact that there are many MBA colleges in India, which have also earned the reputation of offering top notch education which is at par with the international benchmarks. There is no point in getting disheartened, if you miss out IIMs for a few percentile, as there are few equally good colleges like XLRI, NMIB, which give you the same education (at least not inferior) that you can get from any of the IIMs.

Another conventional notion is that leadingMBA colleges in Indiahave high “cut-offs”. Well, I won’t say that is entirely incorrect. It is true to a certain extent, that few top institutes like IIMs have high cut-offs. But people typically cannot look beyond IIMs; there are other management institutes like XIM Bangalore, FORE school of business management; Delhi, XIM Bhubaneswar, which are among the top ranking management institutes in the country, have laid a cutoff of around 75 to 85 percentile, which is not unachievable (you really need to work hard for it).

In this age of competition, everyone wants to know about something unique, that could place them on the peak. Thus, students applying aspiring to go for an MBA degree prefer to have some exclusive courses, other than the usual ones, and generally aspirants feel that topB-schools in Indiaoffer only generalized courses; it is utter nonsense (sorry for using such a word), few colleges have specialized courses which includes MBA in International Business, Retail, Insurance Business, Sustainable Development, Travel & Tourism,, which are different from the common ones.

Big city obsession – It is a rampant thing in our country. Small towns are generally believed to be dull, giving less exposure (Again a myth – look at some famous personalities; they are from small villages and humble background). There are some finest MBA colleges in India which are not situated in big cities for example XIM Bhubaneswar or XLRI Jamshedpur or XISS Ranchi is among the top B-schools in India.

After learning about these myths, I actually realized the power of propaganda as stated by Hitler (here propaganda has a different connotation). The same thing, in a way in happens with MBA admissions, the aspirants are constantly bombarded with wrong information from various sources, which culminates into confusion and apprehensions.


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