The Landing Page

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So by now you understand a lot more about how affiliate marketing works, have

been accepted into an affiliate network (hopefully), picked your offer, and are ready

to start making some cash! 

Now before, you go and read about ways to promote affiliate marketing offers I want

to touch on the landing page. 

A landing page is essentially a website that is a sales page for the affiliate offer.

Rather than linking your advertisements directly to the affiliate offer, you are

preselling the visitors the idea of buying the service or product through a website

you make. 

When Should You Use A Landing Page?

I will get into the specific details of when to use a landing page for each specific

promotion method.

Some methods such as Social media ads, PPV, and Media buys can be either directly

linked to the affiliate offer or you can use a landing page. So, when should you use a

landing page instead of direct linking?

The answer is not really simple. There is no set rule of what works best. You have to

simply test and see. Sometimes having a landing page can increase conversions a

lot. Sometimes having a landing page just doesn’t make sense. The simple answer is

you have to just test. 

Tip: Although your experience may vary, lead generation offers usually can be direct

linked to with fairly good success while free trial offers usually need a landing page

to work best. Per sale offers can do really well with a review style landing page but

can also work well direct linked. 

Multiple Offers

One other great thing about landing pages is that you can place multiple affiliate

offers on a single landing page! 

Just think if you made a landing page about auto insurance. You could also have

links to auto warranty offers, car loan offers, etc. Having these extra offers allows

you to further monetize traffic that might not have made you money otherwise. 

Capturing Email – Drip Method

Landing pages are also great ways to capture emails. When you capture emails you

can market to these customers over and over with multiple offers.

Although this method can be a bit more difficult because you probably won’t see an

instant profit, it can be a great way to build a list that is of great value. Imagineturning your campaign off and then being able to market to the email list for months

after. That’s nearly 100% profit right there.

How To Capture Emails

To capture email I highly recommend using an email service called Aweber.


Aweber is the email service that many affiliate marketers use because of the ease of

setting up campaigns, the deliverability rate (meaning how many emails get past the

spam boxes), and the great price. 

For the price, Aweber has one of the best deliverability rates and is extremely easy

to start using.


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