The "pregame" – Things To Know Before You Start Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

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Focus On One Method:

Now, before you get started, the best advice I can give to you when starting out is to

FOCUS. Focus on one of thefour methods I teach in this guide and learn it very well.

Study this guide on that section and other resources as much as you can. 

Which method you pick will be based largely on preference – all of them can make

you thousands of dollars per day and more.The main thing is to read the introduction

to each marketing section and decide which you think would fit you best. If you’ve

never used myspace, facebook, etc, social media is not for you… You get the idea.It’s really easy to get distracted and try to put your hand in every cookie jar so to

speak. While this can be done, it’s really difficult to juggle successfully. Become an

expert at that method first and then if you feel confident in learning another method,

go to that.

Picking An Affiliate Offer:

Ok, so now that you’ve been accepted into an affiliate network, you’re probably

wondering which of these hundred of offers you should promote. It really can be

overwhelming at times having to go through the hundreds of offers that an affiliate

network offers. 

In fact, one of the most common questions I get is along the lines of wanting to

know which offer to promote and how to find the good offers. 

After you have decided which marketing method to focus on, finding out which offer

to run can be pretty easy. Very often affiliate networks will have spread sheets with

top offers for each marketing method and this can be a VERY helpful guide to picking

your first offer. Your affiliate manager (or email contact) will be able to provide this

type of information for you. 

Ask them something like, “Hey, I’d like to know what top offers for

marketing method here> you have in your network right now. Thanks.” 

The thought behind this is that if there is an offer working well, it could work for you

as well. Knowing what is already performing well is a great way to begin. 

As of recently, you will see more and more “free trial” offers at the top of each

promotion method. I would recommend not starting with a free trial offer but

instead a lead generation offer or sale offer. Lead generation offers often can be

direct linked to (meaning you don’t need a website / landing page) and can be a

great way to generate revenue. 

Niches That Work (Picking An Affiliate Offer Part 2):

Another way for you to pick your offer is to pick an offer that is in a strong niche. I

generally refer to these niches as the “problem solving niches.” 

These offers are marketed to people who have a problem and are “desperate” for a


These type of offers could include: 


Debt Settlement / Debt Relief


Physical appearance (acne, weight loss, hair restoration, etc)


If a large number of people are desperate (so to speak) for a solution, then you have

a niche where people will spend money. If you see a newer offer that solves a

common problem, or even a niche problem, I would highly recommend trying that

offer out. Remember, those needing a solution to a problem is where the money is


Success Rate:

The other thing I wanted to talk about is success rates. It’s so easy to always read

these motivational posts about how so and so is making 6 figures per month or more

and think that those guys never fail.

Here is the one thing that they probably don’t (or rarely) mention: failing is a part of

this business – you won’t succeed at every campaign you create. Everyone fails

(meaning they are not profitable) and it’s going to be a part of your affiliate

marketing career forever. 

In fact, probably not even 50%+ of the campaigns I try work out. But in the end, the

successful campaigns generate more than enough to cover all the small failed


So keep in mind that when you first start, it can be discouraging if you don’t

immediately see success. Keep pressing forward and you WILL see success if you

continue following both the advice in this guide.

Starting Affiliate Marketing Without A Job:

Having been in the affiliate marketing world for a while now, I’ve had the privilege of

talking to a LOT of affiliates. 

I get emailed often from people who are asking me to teach them how to become

affiliates because they have lost their job and want to jump into affiliate marketing.

Just like you pay for an education (and a sizable amount at that), there really are

things you won’t learn unless you pay for them yourself. You need to have a bit of

playing money that comes in steadily each month as you attempt to get the ball

rolling for the technique that you’re trying to learn.

So all that to say, if you don’t have a job, I would highly recommend getting even a

part time job (at least) FIRST and then trying to work on affiliate marketing. Focus

your efforts as much as possible and then go from there. 

I wouldn’t quit your job until you have almost double what you made at your job

coming in profit each month with multiple campaigns. 

Don’t put your family at risk trying to make it, because the fact of the matter is,

starting affiliate marketing takes a bit of work. (Don’t worry, it get’s easier and



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