What Is An Affiliate Network?

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What is an Affiliate Network?

You could try to go and find each individual website you want to promote, try to

setup a deal with them and then become their affiliate but that would take a lot of


This is where the affiliate networks come in.Affiliate networks are companies that facilitate the “network” or relationship between

the companies and the affiliates (you). Affiliates (Industry term: Publishers) sign up

for the affiliate network and instantly have access to thousands of companies

(Industry term: Advertisers) that want you (affiliates) to promote their business. You

can pick through any number of these companies to promote. 

This instant access to hundreds or sometimes thousands of companies is the true

power of being a part of an affiliate network. But… the benefits don’t stop there.

You never deal with the individual companies directly. Instead, you always deal

directly with the affiliate network. This way you really only have one point of contact.

Finally, the other major benefit of the affiliate network is the payment terms. Affiliate

networks usually pay their affiliates way faster than a direct company. Instead of

waiting 60+ days to be paid (net 30 or even net 45), you can often get paid biweekly or weekly after a small earning threshold. For example, many networks will

set you on weekly wires if you start generating $1000 per week or more in


So what does the affiliate network get out of all of this?

In exchange for all of this, the affiliate network takes a small percentage from the

commissions you generate. Don’t worry… it is well worth it!

Affiliate networks are the best places to start in your affiliate marketing career. Even

to this day, I still use affiliate networks for a majority of my business because it

allows me to leverage my time as best as possible. 

Getting Accepted Into An Affiliate Network

It can be a bit difficult to get accepted into an affiliate network (specially for people

outside the US) when first starting out. It might seem like a tough process but if you

follow the steps below, you should have no problem.

This tough process is due to affiliate networks taking on a ton of risk. In most cases

they have to pay bigger affiliates weekly (sometimes even daily) but yet only get

paid from the companies net 15 or even net 30! In some cases the companies are

late or even fight payment. If a certain percentage of leads for example are not

good, then they often don’t want to pay for the whole batch of leads.

Risk Factor

To affiliate networks it’s all about one thing. How much of a risk are you to them?

Think of the network that has 1000 applications waiting for approval. 

Because of the shear number of scammers joining affiliate networks each day, the

only way to stand out is to show them you’re not one of them.

If you’re an affiliate from a major country, your risk factor is substantially lower but

still does not guarantee acceptance… You need to do more than JUST apply.

To be Accepted…

To be accepted into a network, you must get over the fear of talking to real live

human beings. Yup, that means actually calling in. I know… I hate talking on the phone probably as

much or more than most of you who would rather pull teeth than talk on the phone

but it’s a necessary evil. 

When you apply for any affiliate network, you must not sit and wait there for

approval but you should call them. If you get denied, call them and ask why. 

Calling a business removes a lot of the risk factor as a majority of hackers,

scammers, and fake lead generators don’t want to call. 

When you’re on the phone, the network is probably going to ask you how you plan to

promote the affiliate offers, if you have any websites, etc.

Some of the scammers have recently gotten smarter and have begun hiring actors to

call the networks. Therefore the networks are going to be asking your specific

questions about how you plan to promote their affiliate offers. 

Study out one of the methods that you will learn about in this guide. Really focus on

it and become confident in that single method. That way when it’s time to answer

some questions about how you plan to promote the affiliate offers, you shouldn’t

have a problem being accepted into the network. 


One common question you will see on the applications for the affiliate networks is

what your website is. If you have ANY website, no matter how terrible, put it in. It

really doesn’t matter that much in the terms of approval. 

If you have no website, no worries either. Put something like Facebook.com in the

website url if you plan to promote via facebook and explain in the comments section

your plans. 

Website or no website, explain yourself and promotion methods in the comments

section on the application.

Word of Caution! Don’t Get Scammed!

More and more affiliate networks are popping up every day. Be wise and stick with

the tried and true affiliate networks. Until you have some experience under your belt

and know what to look for, do not try to go for just any affiliate network. You don’t

want to risk not getting paid.

In 2009, I was not paid over $22,000 from bad affiliate networks. I was fortunate.


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