Samsung Galaxy S2 Deals-Competent in 2012 as Well

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Think of Samsung and one thing that come to your mind – the majestic Samsung Galaxy S2. Google Android operating system has always been a serious threat to the supremacy of Apple and its miracle – the Apple iPhone 4. At this moment, we have a handset that can compete with iPhone 4. So, can you dump the idea of purchasing an iPhone and get Samsung Galaxy S2 instead?

Design and build-quality:

The moment you get it out of the box – the thickness or lack of it impresses you. However, when we can say that Samsung knows how to make a great design, it lacks the expertise of building one. The all plastic case isn’t appropriate for the premium category, and in many ways feels cheap and a tad slippery.

That said we forgot the plastic body the moment we switched the handset on.  The Gorilla Glass is obviously present, and this should be mentioned that this protection has become very apparent for the device.


As a matter of fact, the display is so dazzling that we had to lessen the brightness to an extremely low level to avert getting dazzled, and that too with the ambient light-sensor in work. The designated choice to regulate the screen brightness in accordance with the picture being showed assists ease this, even though the resultant steady variation in display brightness can be a tad off-putting. Even then, it brings a refreshing alteration to be complaining about a smartphone display for being excessively fine.


In terms of processing power, Samsung Galaxy S2 is so “last year’’, as the dual core CPUs are getting staler by each passing minute. Even the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 3 is expected to flaunt quad-core processors, however many critics argue that such extreme power is not good for a handset. Anyway, we don’t agree with them!

Android operating system:

The integrated Android operating system has not been excessively customized & the Home screens still include the standard group of sideways-scrolling ‘desktops’. This astonishing handset comprises of a mix of re-sizable widgets for every info’s, amongst with shortcuts to all from applications to contacts — a level of personalization that presently isn’t achievable in Apple iOS. So, here Apple needs some improvements and we hope that they will get it right soon.

Samsung Galaxy S2 deals are certain to enchant your senses.

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