Firewire Vs. Usb – Which is More Preferable For Audio Recording?

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Firewire Vs. USB, an age old question (at least in the

last few years when Firewire and USB came on the market). In this post we’re going

to address the


distinctions seperating

the two so that you have the

facts and can determine which is a superior hardware

to to use for you.

Firewire Vs. USB Data Transfer Rate

The substantial

distinction worth

understanding between Firewire and

USB is the transfer speed. USB 2.0 transmits data at

around 480 mbps whereas Firewire

800 transfers data at, well, 800 mbps.

As you can tell, Firewire 800 transmits

data at nearly twice the rate of USB 2.0. This is useful when you need to transmit significant

volumes of data in real time without

issues such as with digital audio recording.

Asynchronous Vs. Isochronous

While USB is known as being

asynchronous, Firewire has an isochronous mode, meaning it can claim a

specific dedicated quantity

of bandwidth which other devices

can’t touch. The torrent of information is

able to flow without

restraint which means you don’t feel any

collisions of data or glitches like you

can with USB’s asynchronous setting where

that constant torrent of

data can be affected by

other devices to use that exact same

pipeline, resulting in issues like

pops on your recordings when recording because some of the audio

is lost.

It’s not a given that this

will happen with USB, but the odds

are a great deal more likely because of the design.

Firewire Vs. USB Cost

Bearing in mind about the

preceding 2 points, Firewire

commonly costs a bit more and is viewed more seriously than USB 2.0

for recording. It is more

pricey both for firewire cables vs. USB cables and for

putting a Firewire port on your computer vs. a USB

port. As Firewire is utilized for

very unique purposes which

the average individual has no need

for such as video or audio tracking,

very few computers and laptops

come with Firewire ports already


As a substitute you either have got to special

order your PC with a Firewire port already

installed, or you can get a converter card to

help it become

working with Firewire and that is what I


Ultimately the choice of going with Firewire

Vs. USB is yours and yours alone, but now you are

acquainted with the differences between both of them. You can try to purchase a USB

matching recording hardware from a web-

based site with a decent return policy

like Musician’s Friend or purchase one in store at a

Guitar Center, then try it out and if you get

any pops or problems then you

are able to simply send

it back and swap it out for a Firewire hardware.

To see what specific recording

equipment which I recommend in

vs-usb-which-is-better-for-audio-recording/”>Firewire vs. USB


respectively, click on the link in this



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