Pet Care – Handling Pet Iguanas

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Iguanas may not be the best pet lizard you could ever have. But the truth is, many people are fond of having them as pets. However, before you even try to purchase them from pet shops, bear in mind that they are not that easy to raise and they are quite demanding. And in order to have them as pets, you should know the basics of handling pet iguanas.

Handling pet iguanas is not that hard when they are still small. Small iguanas are cute and are easy to tame. They are really beautiful to look at, especially the colorful and bright ones. However, taking care of these pets tend to become harder and harder as your they matures. This is because iguanas can really grow fast and large. As they grow up, they become strong and aggressive which make them really hard to tame.

This is really the main problem about handling pet iguanas. At first, you fall in love with them and grow fond with them since you are made to think that they are that easy to handle and tame. But reality becomes harder once they’ve become full-grown. So you need to be careful with them. As much as possible, it is great that you develop a harmonious pet-owner relationship while they’re still young so that they will get accustomed to you.

As much as possible, you should purchase iguanas from reliable pet shops. Avoid getting iguanas directly from the wild since they are more aggressive and are really difficult to tame. Iguanas coming from pet stores are quite accustomed to cage environment and to seeing people. So handling pet iguanas is easier that way. But you need to be careful with them since they have powerful self-defense mechanism.

Iguanas can really bite you especially when they are aggressive. Larger iguanas are even more dangerous since they can whip you with their tail which has a sharp edge and tip. Their claws can also be harmful.

Like any other pets, Iguanas has basic needs too. It include healthy and safe foods. Avoid unknown commercially made products. Also, make sure the foods are tested or organic. You must also provide iguanas a safe haven. There cage must be spacious enough for them and must be cleaned regularly.


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