Laptop or Netbook?

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In early 08 laptop computers seemed to dominate the market for a portable computer, until they faced a new competitor: the netbook. A smaller, more compact, version of the laptop basically. The main difference between laptops and netbooks is size. A laptop is usually the bigger and less portable version of the two, sometimes may require to be plugged in for power (which is a horrible disadvantage) but, of course, laptops feature more power, and in turn, you can do a lot more stuff with them. From hardcore gaming, to website design, to small stuff like browsing and writing an essay in word. Depending on the specs in the laptop you have you can usually do all of these activities. The netbook, is small and more compact version of the laptop BUT features less power unfortunately. In turn, you can’t do as much with them, they are more for the “college student” someone who needs something for the basic functions of a computer. Such as internet browsing, uploading photos, and listening to music. There a couple of other types of products which I believe are in the “portable computer” category. You have of course laptops and netbooks but there is also notebooks and ultra-mobile PCs. But we will be sticking to the basics in this article, laptops and netbooks.

What’s the difference you ask? Are the terms well defined, are they interchangeable? Well that really depends on who you ask, I mean to someone a puddle might be a pond. But in this occasion I believe a netbook is a netbook and laptop is a laptop!

But anyway this brings us back to the main topic, the difference between laptops and netbooks. Like I said, the main one is size which most people use to recognize each. In general laptop computers will be larger than netbooks. In weight and size, laptops are usually bigger. Usually laptops will be the more expensive and powerful out of the group, netbooks are used more as “side computers” not really used as main computers for the whole household. I would recommend having a powerful desktop PC for the whole household, and maybe everyone having their own personal netbook for anything they want to do on the move. As the price on netbook is usually very affordable, you can supply the whole family with one. I believe you can get a quality netbook for around 200$-300$.


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