Mitt Romney, The Richest US Presidential Aspirant Ever

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Mitt Romney may be the man who may oppose the sitting president Barack Obama. These are still early days, but Mitt Romney could get his party’s nomination and that would mean that he will face the sitting president.  Mitt Romney is one of the richest men in the United states.  And in case he becomes president by defeating Obama , he will be the richest president in a hundred years.


US presidents as a rule have always been from the affluent sections of society in America. There are exceptions like the case of Abraham Lincoln  who was president in the 19th century.  But that is more the exception than the rule. Generally starting from George Washington the US presidents have been men who were from the creamy layer of society.


George Washington had over 60,000 acres of land and 300 slaves. This is not a very edifying thought of a US president owning slaves. Thomas Jefferson another luminary also was a rich man and owned plantations galore with  a retinue of slaves. Herbert Hoover had large interests in mining and was worth millions of dollars. hence Mitt Romney is in elite company. 


Hoe rich is Mitt Romney. At a conservative estimate his wealth  could be anything between 200-250 million dollars. This is what is declared and perhaps in all likelihood he must be worth more than 3 times this amount. If figures have any meaning Mitt Romney has 60 times the wealth of Obama, who also is not poor with a wealth of  nearly 7.5 million dollars.


America is the home of the rich  and most US presidents  are not commoners. It is inconceivable that a man like the spartan Gandhi could make a mark in America, where the stress is on riches. Hence I feel American democracy is greatly flawed where only the rich can get elected.  Its money power that dictates the vote in the USA. In case you are not rich yourself, you must have rich backers, that is the truth in America. In such a scenario, Karl Marx may still come alive in America. lets not write off the communist philosopher from Germany.


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