Free Solar Panels – How to Maximise Your Savings

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When you have free solar panels installed you will see immediate savings on your electricity bill. You will have free power during daylight hours and this normally represents a 50% saving on your current charges.

But with a few simple lifestyle changes you can actually achieve even greater savings.

Here are a few small steps you can take:

  1. Go against the grain. We have been told for years to use our electrical appliances in off-peak hours to take advantage of lower electricity costs. The difference is with free solar you should try to use electrical appliances during daylight or traditional peak hours as the electricity is not just subsidized but FREE. You can use your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and vacuum cleaner as often as you wish knowing the power you are using is coming to you at no cost.
  2. Take charge. At present there is no storage facility with solar photovoltaic systems. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t charge your machines and devices with free electricity to use at a later time. Think about it, your hand-held gaming devices, laptops, tablets, portable music players, mp3 players, cameras and mobile phones all need charge. By charging them during daylight hours you will be filling them with free electricity.
  3. Turn up the heat. Gas is far more expensive than electricity. The vast majority of homes in the UK use gas-fired central heating. Especially during the winter, this is a huge expense. The problem is when you use your central heating you heat all of your home where in reality you will probably use just the downstairs lounge and kitchen. So turn off the heating during the day and use small electric heaters. They are portable and can be taken just to where they are needed. They will be running for free instead of burning expensive gas and will provide heat exactly where you need it.
  4. Water, water everywhere. One of the largest drains on an electricity bill is an immersion heater. The heater uses an awful lot of power to heat up water for use during the day. Again they are usually turned on overnight to take advantage of cheaper electricity. Trouble is, all tanks lose heat over time so when you need the hot water it may well have turned cold or you may use a tank full during the day. Have you tried washing dishes in cold water? With a free system you can use the immersion all day. The water will be piping hot all the time and as you use the water it will be replaced and heated for free.
  5. Penny wise, pound foolish. You know we often overlook the smaller details when it comes to saving money and just make bold decisions and changes. The smaller things can often be as effective when done consistently. I will give you a small example. Believe it or not boiling a kettle is one the most expensive uses of electricity in the home. So as a simple idea, why not boil the kettle during the day, fill a flask and then use the water during the evening as and when you need it? Something else simple. Have you seen how many slow cookers are on the market. They cook food slowly during the day to be ready for evening mealtime. With a free solar system you will effectively be cooking for nothing.

So there you go, simple measures to maximise your savings with free solar panels.


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