True or False: Keyword Research Is Important To Making Real Money Online?

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How important is keyword research to making money online? Do I need to study my niche for days, weeks or even months to succeed? Which keyword tools are best for the job? And what if I don’t understand all of those weird numbers and strange formulas for picking the perfect niche? Does that mean I’m doomed to NOT have success? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at why I believe that keyword research is WILDLY over-rated, and how you really don’t need to do much of it at all to CRUSH it with your content… starting today! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Isn’t keyword research the MOST important part of picking a profitable niche? All of the “guru’s” say that it is?

The truth? This is 100% false! As a matter of fact, the MOST important part of picking a profitable niche is PASSION, and not what keywords your competition is using. While you do need to obviously know the language and the conversation taking place in your market or industry to create content that targets them, poring over mounds and mounds of confusing keyword data is NOT the answer, I promise.

Why am I so confident?

A combination of experience, and learning the hard way myself. I’ve written over 5000 unique articles personally that have generated many millions of readers, subscribers, fans, friends and followers in a myriad of markets, and a panoply of pen names, and the BEST performing campaigns were created out of CREATIVITY. (and not keywords) When I first started my online business, I spent so much time doing keyword research, that my actual productivity was poor. Sure, I could talk about volume and demand and sound like I knew what I was talking about… but my actual traffic (and results) were silently suffering behind the scenes.

What I learned was THIS:

The truth is, if you have real PASSION for your niche, your market or area of expertise, you don’t NEED to do a whole bunch of exotic keyword research to know what those who share your passion feel, think or want. You KNOW, because you are “one of them”. You share their hopes, their dreams, their goals and their language.

Now, all you need to do is start creating content, and a community around what you love, and your business WILL grow by leaps and bounds. I can honestly say, while I still pay for several “premium” keyword tools… I rarely use them, and my traffic has ONLY gone UP as a result. (and so TOO will yours!)



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